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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: On how to get divorced, Silicon Valley style

Oh my. OH MY. OH MY!! I have never wanted a vegetable dress more than this one. I WANT IT. I WANT IT SO BADLY.

…and this is how you get divorced, Silicon-Valley style.

I really appreciate this honest account of Jewel handling her son’s food allergies. This stuff is not easy, and it is STRESSFUL to not know what it is causing all of this to your baby.

Every time I see a dress that is almost perfect, they have to go and RUIN IT with a ruffle. Like this one. Pretty much perfection but… then a RUFFLE?

All of these interesting, celebrity wrap gifts….  I was amazed at the one Adam Sandler gave his co-workers!!!

What a stylish, gorgeous two piece maxi dress. This is so stylish, and elegant. It is too fancy as a casual dress, but man, if I had an event, I would absolutely buy and wear this.

So…. at work, I am very VERY clear that I don’t need anyone’s money and I’m very career-driven, and that I am with my partner by choice.  As a result, I was recently told I was intimidating at work. Apparently my colleagues (jokingly) are scared of me, but in an admiring/awe kind of way just because I am so young (in comparison) and so driven.

And yet, when you are THAT kind of woman who is “intimidating” because you’re prettier, smarter, funnier, more outspoken, whatever, you should just remember that they are not for you if they can’t handle who you are.

You’d be surprised how many men respond to that in a positive manner (and tell me that he is a VERY lucky man). It is almost a relief for them to hear someone with a fresh perspective.

I have NEVER heard about these handmade in France K. Jacques wraparound sandals before, but apparently they are the gold standard of leather wrap sandals.


  • Minh Thuy

    Funnily enough I actually don’t mind ruffles, but you’re right, that red dress would look way better without.

    I haven’t been told that I’m intimidating, but I have been in situations where I’ve hung around guys who feel intimidated by me as person. These guys at least during university days were more boys than men, while the ones who encouraged and supported me were more mature and could see the bigger picture in general.

  • Sense

    I get told I’m intimidating by guys, but it really, really confuses me because I’m such a timid, shy person & always try to be kind and helpful. I am too nice for my own good, actually. I’ll bend over backwards to do something for other people to make them happy–I’m actually working on being a bit more selfish and recognizing when I am doing something for someone just so that they’ll like me vs doing something for someone because I WANT TO and because they deserve it.

    So I get told that I am intimidating and too good for guys. I don’t know what I am supposed to do, NOT be good at anything, NOT try to be a good person, just so that I can get a date?

    NOPE. That will never happen. I guess I just wait until a guy has the confidence that he deserves someone awesome like me. 😉

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