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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Luxury Fruit Flexes coming back into style

1. Weird fruit flexes

This is a weird fruit flex that is coming back into style. In the 1700s pineapples cost as much as $8000, so I guess $50 is a small price to pay for this PinkGlow pink pineapple by Del Monte. It apparently is something you buy and eat on Instagram for everyone to see for likes. I guess it’s not any weirder than what other people do for Instagram. It tastes (artificially) sugary sweet to the point where they felt the need to salt it a little.

2. Playable Art

When I get my home closet+office, I am definitely buying one of these helicones. And one of these twisty rainbow things.

3. Poverty periods

Poverty comes in different forms and honestly, periods are something we tend to not think about if we are lower middle-class or higher, because we can afford things to dispose of or use every month. The best thing I can say is to use a reusable menstrual cup or reusable and washable pads. You don’t need to toss them monthly.

4. Duplicitous

Little Bun’s multiplication tables are not great. So I picked up this set of Math War Game flash cards to play with him so it becomes a learning game we can do together. Who knows, I may even learn my own multiplication tables at the same time! I am thinking of this set too – Splat!

5. Hot potato

I liked this article about friendships dropping because I have dropped friends and have been dropped, myself. It’s difficult to keep up friendships when you don’t live in the same cities, but also when your interests change. Or you were only friends when your children were friends, but you realize that they aren’t your kind of people for whatever reason (this was the case for me with Snobby Neighbour).

6. Ring

The YSL Arty ring obsession continues, I managed to pick up this ring for $160! And I really want this one I think.

7. Bitcoin Business

A great article about The Monevator on Bitcoin and its usefulness in society. Full disclosure, I did own some cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ethereum back in the day, but I unfortunately transferred them from a stable Wallet to one called QuadrigaCX which ended up with the Gerald Cotten dying young, and exposing that the entire thing was a complete scam.

I only had about $2000 or so, in there, so it wasn’t a big loss so to speak, but it really turned me off cryptocurrencies and soured me on the whole business. I would not be opposed to buying ETFs or portfolios that held Bitcoin (think of it as digital versions of gold), but I will not be dabbling in it directly any more.

I am out because if you lose that one Wallet code and/or screw it up in transfer, there is no way to trace or track to get your money back individually. It’s gone, and that’s the ‘beauty’ of the anonymity of cryptocurrency. I want less headaches and will trade off for lower returns.

Cold wallets, by their nature, are highly encrypted and were kept off the QuadrigaCX server for security reasons. Gerry took sole responsibility for the handling of funds for QuadrigaCX and as such no one other than him can access the coins in the cold wallets. Source

So yeah. He died young and all the money is gone, more or less. I am not expecting anything and am happy I did not put hundreds of thousands in there.

8. Cash-mere..

I think I need to pick up a few more pairs of these CASHmere joggers (get it)… because I love the pair I have, but I am wearing them to death.

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