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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Kim Kardashian talks about growing up + how she handlesmoney

1. KIM K

Kim K tells her money story … and to be honest, I am reading this with a grain of salt, knowing that she is speaking from her perspective growing up as a rich kid, amongst other rich kids whose parents probably did not set boundaries like this, or make them get jobs at 16. I very much enjoy that she is into money, budgeting and making sure she is careful with it. That’s a money mantra I can get behind for everyone.


I am normally not someone who gravitates towards pearls, but this bouquet of pearls on a ring is just so pretty and delicate.


The USDA says these 5 foods will go up the most with inflation. We are noting that every other week when we shop, we see the prices are ticking up $0.50 at a time. Something that used to be $4 before, is now at $7.50. I am not seeing how people are going to be able to afford food…

But, in contrast, I think people are going to cook more at home. Instead of a $15 (??) ready-made pizza, maybe they’ll buy the flour, the ingredients and make it themselves.

Maybe out of this, some good will come (less processed foods purchased, more food at home made), but I am not blind that Food Bank visits have increased by 40%. It’s really slamming those in lower income brackets, as they truly have NO WIGGLE ROOM AT ALL.

Even in my pizza example above, I am hyper conscious that only people with the privilege of time (or maybe they work from home), are able to make pizza at home, whereas a single mother who is working 2 jobs, taking the bus, won’t have the time, let alone the ENERGY to do this.

So if you are picking a place to put your money this month for charity, please consider your local food banks. Even dropping in treats in those food banks is key – things that they would maybe otherwise never purchase like cake mix in a box, along with icing and some candles for birthday cakes, and so on.

Remember that if people are going to Food Banks, they won’t have things you assume everyone has – spices come to mind, oils, and so on. Be conscious that they aren’t just looking for macaroni and cheese in a box, they also need to season it!


I am loving this Farm Rio dress. It’s subtle, yet fun, and pretty as a print without being too in your face. I also liked this one with a pretty beige jungle motif.

If you want something that is truly a showstopper, I am SO DRAWN to this geometric rainbow dress but I know I would not wear it because it is a little too tropical for me. Okay last one – this one is also very rainbow + geometric but in a halter style and a little more subtle.


I love, love LOVE SHONDA RHIMES. Her work on Bridgerton (season two was amazing), Inventing Anna… ugh, she’s fabulous, so I am so happy to be able to get a sneak peek into her home. Her rooms are so multi-functional.


I love sweater dresses, and for summer, I love summer tank dresses like this ribbed knit one that comes in various dresses. It says it’s a thick ribbed dress.


I have been getting more into skincare lately (out of boredom? Just sheer.. trying to “get something done” while at home.. Not sure what my motivation is), but reading this guide on your skin at various ages has been very helpful.


A sleek, chic, long blazer is a definite staple for me like this one in white.

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