Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: How Tiffany’s became the standard for the world’s finest jewellery

1. Tiffany

How did Tiffany become the standard for luxury?

I discovered my recent muse Empress Eugénie Montijo is who inspired their signature colour. Well, she inspired this piece I made!

2. Stickered Out

If your child is obsessed with stickers like mine is, this paint by sticker book is the perfect gift / stocking stuffer / please be quiet bribe that you can ever find. My recommendation is this Christmas glitter one, or the Unicorn glitter one because Little Bun saw glitter and got hearts in his eyes. If you’re that kind of parent, you can also frame them afterwards, or cut out the art and do other cool things with it.

3. Tired… or retired?

Are you late to saving for retirement? Well, you may want to read this, there are a few advantages to starting later.

4. The Curated

The coat “The Curated” has been making the rounds, and I am pleased to read a review from Invincible Summer who gives a very clear, unbiased view on the coat (it wasn’t gifted). I had seriously considered this coat as well but I ended up buying a Max Mara camelhair coat secondhand instead.

By the way, I very much enjoy IS’s blog because she goes into such thoughtful detail and reflections upon her shopping plans and purchases.

5. Mugged

If you need a great portable, amazing water or soup mug / container.. you cannot find better than this one by Zojirushi, who also makes killer rice cookers. I own it in pink, and I take apart the pieces easily to clean them, plus it is double-walled and retains heat like crazy.

6. Real Estate

Revanche is not selling me on becoming a landlord…. ever. I am O_o at her post on trying to unload one of her properties.

7. Organized

I picked out this desk or wall calendar in a pretty floral print for my aunt for the holidays, and it’s MASSIVE. I love a really big calendar because you can write so much on there, and it’s just more practical than something tiny. Great for seniors and Little Bun’s alike. (He has asked me for it.)

8. Cut

When should you take a paycut to advance your career?

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