Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: “Have you seen my cat?”, the sweetest story on the internet

1. Here kitty kitty…

I love reading and re-reading this story of “Have you seen my cat?“. I don’t want to spoil it. It’s the sweetest story on the internet about the goodness in people, and particularly Eric Carle (famed book author of Hungry Caterpillar, etc).

2. Entrenched

HOW CUTE is this white trench pencil skirt from Club Monaco? And it’s on sale too. I find their items to be if fairly good quality except for a few pieces here and there. Their cashmere, trenches, skirts and so on are well done. Just a few tops I’d say are not worth the money.

3. Staged

Even if you’re not selling your place, these are some good home staging tips to make your place look better. The Declutter one is particularly important, as you can’t just reorganize a mess and make it look invisible.

4. Shoes are made for walking

If you want a pair of nice looking, comfortable, well-made, leather flats, you cannot go wrong with these Frye’s. Ever. I have 3 pairs. I wear them constantly, and they’re even acceptable for the office in business casual settings.

5. Francophiles

If you want to watch French TV for free, TV5Monde is available. We don’t pay for cable, so we usually watch channels like this, or like on TubiTV.

6. Lady in red

I have not ruled out this stunning Tencel + Linen blend red dress from Mara Hoffman as my go-to one. I have been searching for a good red dress for a while.

7. Work Org

This work organization graphic nailed it. Most places are a Ball of Yarn.

8. Unchained

I upgraded to this Corsair wireless headset for work and it is so. much. better. The microphone has a boom that doesn’t pick up on outside noises (I was in a BUSY room with my LOUD partner and everything was fine on the other end). The ear cups are more comfortable than on-ear stuff, and you can mute with a button on the wireless headset rather than clicking on the screen.¬†Also. WIRELESS. I can now move around unfettered and fancy free. The only minor drawback is it is a tad heavy but… that’s to be expected.

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