Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Are your thirties your peak years?

Psst! I did another podcast, this time with Love & Dividends and they were so much fun to talk to. We were super style-focused near the end of the chat.

1. Peaked

Are your 30s the best years for women? When I turned 30, I was settled into myself, pregnant with my Little Bun. As I got older, I felt more confident.

I think all of that has to be inextricably linked with my ability to finally, after years of saving and working on side hustles, to achieved financial independence and to be work optional; even if it is on a super tight budget. I felt a great sense of pride and confidence in reaching that personal milestone, and I felt sure of who I was.

Maybe that’s the same for any woman, no matter what age she reaches – 40s, 50s… to finally feel secure and steady in her sense of self and who she is.

2. Pinching Pennies

I am a die-hard lover of Paula’s Choice but I am starting to wonder if I can replace a few items in my arsenal with cheaper alternatives like The Ordinary Retinol in 1% (retinol has revolutionized by skin) and this serum Vitamin C Suspension for scars and spots.

3. Lone Wolf

If you want to start a business on your own, these are 5 hard truths about being on your own.

4. Minimalist

Need more minimalist blogs to follow? This list is fantastic! And so is this list for minimalist living by Healthline but I may be biased.

5. He-peat

A new word I learned: he-peat … when a man repeats your idea and takes credit for it. Here’s some methods on how to get that credit back.

6. Walled off

I picked up these gorgeous maidenhair leaf wall decals for my soon-to-be-fabulous closet makeover for $36 CAD. I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT ALL OF THIS.

7. Deprived

If you’re not sleeping well during the week, you can’t sleep off that debt. You need to learn better sleeping habits, and that’s easier said than done, speaking as a young mother who co-sleeps with her adorably nightmare-ridden Little Bun.

8. Well-Heeled

If secondhand isn’t your thing, you can always buy these budget-friendly heels that I swear by, that are just as comfortable as the expensive designer pairs. I own two pairs of them and would go back for more.

10. Banked

If you’re interested in all the cash-back offers Canadian banking has to look at, Gen Y money has an updated list of who is doling out cash.


  • GYM

    Thanks for the mention 🙂
    My problem is I stay up too late, there’s only so many hours in the day. I should look into Paula’s choice, I think I have developed an age spot on my forehead.

  • C

    You should have a look at Timeless serums – I used the Paula’s Choice C15 and have just switched over to the Timeless C+E one (supposed to be a good dupe for the crazy £££ Skinceuticals one) and I really like it so far. I’m also using one of their Matrixyl serums and big fan of that too (whereas I wasn’t particularly fond of the Ordinary’s Buffet).

  • Anne

    I’ve used Vitamin C from both Paula’s Choice and The Ordinary, can’t recommend the latter. It has a grainy structure and it stings. I’m happy to only have little left of it, then I can start using the serum by Avène I read about here It is not quite as expensive as Paula’s Choice, doesn’t sting and has a better packaging.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Thank you for the heads up. I am really thinking of trying cheaper brands/versions of what I love because I am trying to economize a little but not if it makes me feel ANGRY to put it on because it is grainy or stings. Sometimes paying for quality is worth it.

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