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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: About levelling up your human avatar


It is interesting, reading about how being hot, has become an obsession for people. They are seeing themselves as avatars in life, and if they do plastic surgery, they’re levelling up their avatars.


My friends who have dogs, swear by this Furzapper product that you throw in the wash to help remove the fuzzy fur of animals so that the lint trap gets it instead. It is either that, or spend time using this Evercare lint brush or a comb to remove the fur!


I loved this from Adina – Ten Most Versatile Items in my Closet – because her staple items that she uses and has multi-functional purposes, is not what I would consider my staples, BUT, I love that it made me think about what my own Top Tens would be.


I am in love with these Stojo collapsible products – they are silicone, not plastic, and are collapsible, they store flat, and go anywhere. They have the Collapsible bowls, Collapsible Travel mugs, Collapsible Water bottles, all in various sizes listed here. This is great for when you are traveling and want to take along bowls, cups, plates and so on, but not necessarily carry the bulk of it, when you can collapse it down to flat pack it.

If I were in the office, I’d keep them in my desk to use for my lunches or for other things, because sometimes when they bring in food, I don’t want to use any of the disposable plastic or styrofoam plates they have, and I always brought my own plate and cutlery. This would be great as I could bring a bowl, etc.

Or I’d leave them in the car, just in case I needed a bowl for something, I’d have one ready to go. You never know, I have ended up in more than one situation where I did actually need a bowl for some reason at an impromptu picnic and so on.


Vee did a fantastic list of Style Hacks to Look Expensive…her list is basically my list. I would agree that neutrals tend to look very luxe, tailoring is key (for everything), and fabric matters. SO MUCH.


I water our basil plants pretty regularly, and sometimes I wonder if the water is going where it actually needs it at the roots without overwatering them (oops), so I think these cute leaf design redirectors (?) make a lot of sense to help the roots obtain more water directly without making a mess.


Letitia Kiu is so transparent, funny, cool and clear about how she managed to buy a home with her husband. Honestly, I watched it and IMMEDIATELY subscribed to her channel to watch everything else.


A collapsible spice rack or stand for a tight cupboard space!??!?!? This is brilliant. Now you can stack your spices on little shelves and have them be SEEN rather than hidden (or that game you play where – is this the bottle of oregano I need?)

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