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What I liked this week:

This is a ridiculously cute cartoon that is safe for work viewing: What if animals were round? [Video above although I will say that only the first half is the best, once it hits the farm I lost interest.]

I rather like the look of casual striped dresses. This one fits the bill but I also like the rugby stripe in the maxi version.

Love this idea of Style Sudoku. I won’t be doing it because… I don’t need to, I already imagine different outfits when I have a piece in my wardrobe, but it might help those of you who are in a style rut.

Yes folks, my stripe obsession is still alive and well. I am really loving the twist on this one here and this one although not really my colour palette per se, is too interesting with its crossover front for me to pass up

This is why SJP is one of my favourite actresses every. Right up there with Tracee Ellis Ross, Meryl Streep, and Jennifer Lawrence. She is just so NICE.

This pleated scuba top is so effortlessly chic that it could pass for a DvF if I didn’t check the label. I’m also somewhat drawn to this floral print top as well for some reason.

Do you spend 1 month or more planning your handbag purchases? I don’t… unless I’m obsessed about it, but even then, I don’t really obsess over anything handbag-wise…

The perfect midi shirtdress with a twist in the back. *googly eyes* and I’d also buy this midi striped sheath if I was working right now. It looks so much like the Theory version I am OBSESSED over.

How not to dress when going on vacation. I look like a hobo when I travel. A linen-clad hobo and I don’t care because I am comfortable and ON VACATION. I guess I could look stand to look cuter if we actually sprang for taxi cab fare and didn’t walk everywhere or take the metro all the time, 16 hours a day but it is what it is.

I love the disjointed, cool geometric look of this otherwise classic black & white pencil skirt. Great way to add something to your outfit without going too crazy. For something a little more conservative, I like this one.

I definitely rate myself a 5/5 in my job if I were asked. It’s nice to hear Google recognizes it as being awesome for women.

Yes, I am still on the lookout for some real, classic, muted leather leggings. These ones look great and so do these.


  • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    I totally rate myself 6/5. Hell, 7/5! Cuz it takes 2-4 people to cover the same amount of work I can do and I do it to a very high standard. It doesn’t mean I think I’m perfect at all, just that in relation to the average worker, I know I have exceptional performance. Besides, even my boss who would rate himself 20/5 makes mistakes too. No one is perfect. Doesn’t mean we’re not very high value performers because we are.

    I find myself really liking that scuba top, I might have to earmark it for a better than 40% sale.

    Contemplating that travel article and thinking you must look like a higher class hobo than I do when we travel ;D


      See? Shouldn’t you feel like you should be paid double or triple your salary? I do. I do so much more than most people in my position because I care, but I have learned to scale back because I am not being compensated.

  • Anne

    I am woman, excellent in my work, but I would never rate myself 5/5. I think it shows a lack of self-awareness in women as well if you think you’re perfect. No one is, everyone can improve. I’d say I’m 4,5/5. But then again, I live in a Scandinavian country where gender related expectations may not be as strict as I have understood they are in North America.


      Therein lies the problem: 5/5 doesn’t mean you think you’re perfect. No one is perfect, but this is in relation to how good you are at your job.

      5/5 here means that you are excellent at your job and are paid what you are worth (or maybe less… and you can ask for more).

      Here, if men could rate themselves 6/5, they would. Heck, if I could rate myself 6/5, I would. I am comparing myself to what others put out as results. No sense in false modesty here, it just means less money, and we have to be more confident as women, otherwise it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      • Anne

        Well, if you put it that way… If I compare myself to others, 5/5 is correct. But as I know there’s always room for personal improvement, then 4,5/5 is more accurate.

        I feel that I am paid what I am worth for (waaay above the average in my profession). I know there are not many who could do what I do as well as I do. But I am also constantly developing in my profession and improving my performance. When I do that, I ask for a raise and so far I have always gotten it.


          Yes 🙂 Exactly. Internally you are maybe 4.5/5 which is how I feel sometimes because I can be impulsive & very strong in my opinions, but to get paid, it is 5/5.

          I think you are very lucky to be in a fair company who values and treats you fairly. It is not the case here, I find.. with women in the workplace it seems to be shocking to others that we could do as good of a job if not better.

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