Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.


What I liked this week:



  • SarahN

    I scored 31. I wore a uniform for work, not the armed forces. And my job/education has resulted in visits to factory floors. Fishing – ha! BF wants to, and wishes to, but doesn’t. Some were a little US centric for me, but we ate at IHOP! It certainly seemed to target a demographic looking for lots of food at low prices.

    I definitely went big with my sofas – knowing I (and then it became we) would spend a fair bit of time on them. When I first got them, I would almost not want to accept invitations out. I called it my honeymoon period with my sofa.

  • Cassie

    That watercolour dress really is gorgeous 🙂

    I scored 58 on the poverty quiz, which to be honest didn’t surprise me. I grew up rural, and money was tight. My mom was the first person to complete high school in her family, and I was the first to go to university. There is a solid separation between the life I live now, and the one I lived growing up. I’d describe myself as upwardly mobile.

    I really should check on my Airmiles balance. I know I have a lot of them that will probably expire soon, but unfortunately I have no plans of travelling in the near future 🙁 I might just swap them to cash rewards and use them to fuel up my car while I’m on maternity leave.

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