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How to organize and have the perfect closet

Having an organized, efficient and perfect closet isn’t really that hard.

I am working on culling the items I have, but what I do have, is now organized and easy to find.

Every time I donate or have to trash something (when it’s really too worn to donate), I make it a point to NOT replace it.

Every time I want to buy something, I consider what it has to replace in my wardrobe (it’s too worn, doesn’t fit well) and weigh it against what I am losing. More often than not, I choose to keep what I have.

Footwear need to be on shelves

Properly putting footwear away in little tiny shelves (or in those hanging shoe organizers) is a surefire way to keep them off the floor and organized.

I am not a fan of putting shoes in closets (you walk outside in all kinds of matter) and find it quite dirty, so it all stays in my front hall closet.

All my boots go together in one spot with these boot shapers inside (you can also use folded cardboard in a pinch), and my shoes & sandals are stacked on shelves:

On the other side, my partner found little shelves where I put my flat shoes and short boots:

Get proper hangers

There are only two acceptable types of hangers…

Velvet Flocked Hangers

The slim, velvet flocked ones are perfect for getting things to stay on them and save a lot of space (these are the ones I use).

The only con with this is you squish a lot more clothes on slim velvet flocked hangers which means you can overstuff a closet pretty easily if you don’t pare back.

Wooden Hangers

The wooden ones look really elegant, and help keep your clothes spaced apart neatly (by design, you can’t really squish or cram clothes together when they’re on wooden hangers).

I hang EVERYTHING, including pants and skirts on the same hangers but with clips.

I don’t fold anything except my sweaters (they’ll stretch out on a hanger and leave hanger marks), underthings, and socks.

Also, I try not to stack too many items on top of each other.

Organize by colour & sections

I organize everything by colour (following the rainbow – white, ivories, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, grey, black) and in sections by clothing type.

I went into more detail here on how I organized my closet.

Store away your seasonal clothing

There are two thoughts on this – either you do it because you love having a curated capsule wardrobe each season, or you don’t because you like seeing it all at once.

I don’t do this but if I did, I’d have half my closet freed up and it would probably making getting dressed a lot easier.

I keep all of my winter stuff beside my summer stuff but only wear 25% of it each season. If I had another spare room or free space somewhere, I’d consider moving seasonal items into storage and taking them out each time the weather changed.

I am contemplating using the rolling rack I have as my seasonal capsule wardrobe where I put everything I want to wear that season on there and the rest on shelves, rotating each time the season changes.

However it just sounds like a lot of work for not much gain from my perspective.

I also sort of love having everything in sight so that I don’t buy duplicates and when I feel the need to shop, I go and organize my closet which dampens the enthusiasm.

Less is more

And finally, stop putting more stuff in your closet. I may have added tons of clothing to my wardrobe over the years, but I haven’t really been keeping track of things I have been downgrading to loungewear, making into rags, donating, or selling.

Let’s just say that I have more empty hangers now when in the past, I was hanging double items on each hanger.

I continually go through my closet and each time I put on something I think about how I feel in it, and then decide (at the end of the day) to bench it or sell it.

P.S. This is how you organize your closet in a day, and these are the 10 ways to keep your closet organized and why you aren’t wearing everything in your closet.

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