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How do you deal with the routine & rut of the day to day?

I find that I get into a routine that is really difficult to break out of. I’m waking up, going to work, coming back, sometimes screaming at Little Bun, exhausted and then sleeping.

It is just so boring, a week filled of nothing but obligations.

Aside from work drama, I have family drama with my partner regarding how to raise Little Bun (this happens with all families, not just mine), and then I have responsibilities like keeping up with housework, my business, the blog, social media for the blog (this is a srsly full-time endeavour)… and then self-care where I can squeeze it in, mostly on my weekend day “off” to recharge.

During the week, my self-care is when I’m able to take a damn shower all by myself for 15 minutes with no one hassling me for anything.

Maybe that is why people get into trouble with overspending on vacations, or like me online shopping (oops!).

The only thing I have found that has helped so far, is just sitting in my car, watching videos.

Why in my car?

It is private, comfortable, there is A/C, I can drive and park to sit anywhere I want or drive and get a tea if I feel like it, and I don’t have the choice of staying at home since Little Bun is there.

The other thing that has helped, is reading. I love to read, but that takes concentration and I like to do it while I am at home, not out and about. Little Bun doesn’t give me a break though….

What do you do to break out of your rut?


  • SarahN

    Such a good question!! I find podcasts can really take me away. I also find daily work outs help keep me in a period of “survival” rather than “thinking”. I also try to remember my sometimes treats – movies out or degustation dinners – having things you plan and look forward to helps.

  • Me

    Do you think you’ll do more family things when you’re off of work because you won’t need the weekend day to recharge (presumably can recharge during a weekday)?

    Will you do short travels with your kid – like to visit your parents for a few days or somewhere warm that is not near family so there’s no obligations?

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.


      I am so tired that if we had more days to spend together as the three of us, we are going to do more trips for sure. Actually that is what we are planning.

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