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How could a million deaths be prevented each year?

This has nothing to do with finance, shopping, lifestyle or anything I normally blog about, but it’s just so interesting..

It’s fast to watch, I promise.

Researchers estimate that if everybody washed their hands regularly, a million deaths could be prevented every year.



I haven’t been sick in years until Baby Bun went into daycare and came home with a new cough and malady every week it seemed like.

  1. Wash my hands every time I enter the house, am about to eat, or just because
  2. Avoid going near sick people, even ones I live with (I quarantine myself or they do it themselves)
  3. I also regularly wipe down surfaces that sick people contaminate
  4. Avoid going to work when I’m sick — I HATE THIS when I’m on contract and I hate people who go to work and hack up a lung in my face
  5. Avoid coughing into my hands and then spreading the germs all over everything I touch… (I cough into the inside of my elbow instead)
  6. This could not be helped in my case because I have one but DO NOT HAVE A CHILD (sarcasm).. Children are carriers of all things sick and infectious. Kids who play with other kids who are sniffling, kids in daycare.. you name it. Kids will bring your whole system down. (Still worth it).

That’s pretty much it.

I know they also tell you to take the flu shot, but I haven’t had one …for as long as I can remember.

I think I’d only get flu shot if I was forced to (school children lined up like cattle) or peer-pressured into it.


  • Corianne

    I have made it a habit to wash my hands when I come home or when I first arrive in the office, and before I start eating. It’s such a simple and effective habit!

  • cantaloupe

    That video was a tad melodramatic at the end. I mean, stock up and prepare for a pandemic? I think at this point in technology, we’d have some warning before it happens. I’m not buying a hundred cans of food that’ll go bad in two years just in case maybe there’s another SARs and maybe we don’t stop it and maybe somehow it suddenly blows up without anyone noticing.

    But I do wash my hands often. And I also cough into my elbow! I don’t remember where I learned that one, but it just makes so much sense now that I do it, heh.

  • Taylor Lee @ Yuppie Millennial

    For three years now I’ve been getting the flu shot. Before, I didn’t want to (needles are never fun) but after a while I decided herd immunity is worth something and I should probably do it.

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