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HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY: $60 of Marie Veronique Organics (Face Oil & SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen)

I am extremely pleased to announce a holiday giveaway of Marie Veronique Organics (MV Organics) products!

(Note: This is not to be confused with MV Skincare, a very similar-sounding beauty company. This is Marie Veronique Organics or MVO).


I mentioned on Twitter how I wanted to find a good physical sunscreen, and lo and behold Rae of theNotice came to my rescue and, MV Organics contacted me and very kindly sent sample sizes for me to try out.

I was skeptical of course, because I had already tried plenty of other samples of physical sunscreens, and kept freakin’ breaking out in little bumps on my forehead and all over my face.

I was NOT expecting to love these products as much as I did… but I absolutely fell in LOVE with these two products which I will give a short review of below.

They have now become my staple go-to products to moisturize and protect my skin from UVA / UVB in the daytime, giving me a bit of coverage but not as much as a heavy foundation, which is totally fine by me (I’m avoiding makeup-makeup while pregnant).

Seeing as I was so pleased with it (I even started to do future scheduled posts, featuring their products), I wondered if they would be sweet enough to give away something to my readers for the holidays, and .. to my surprise, they agreed!!!


I wouldn’t recommend anything I wouldn’t use on my face, and I’ve already guinea-pigged for this, so I am sure you will love it too.

(You also know I’m a freak for natural products, and this one hit all the right notes for me.)


A little really does go a long way, so don’t slather on a lot of it (it is pretty pricey), at 1 oz. or 30mL for $80. I usually just put 4 drops on my fingertips and spread it all over my face, massaging it in.

It works a lot like my previous experiment (a long time ago) with pure argan oil, but for some reason, it does not break me out the way argan oil did after a few weeks. Probably because it’s mixed with other oils, and isn’t as strong.

It has krill oil, blackberry oil and argan oil in it.

Did I also mention how amazing it smells? It smells like rubbing flower oil on your face.

Super moisturizing, and your skin will feel like butter after a few days of this.

You can read all about it here.



After I spread on a few drops of the Face Oil, I put on a few drops of this super sheer, lightly tinted sunscreen that does NOT leave white streaks or marks (it’s tinted), and massage it into my face.

It also smells heavenly, but more importantly, it is a physical sunscreen which means serious protection against UVA and UVB rays (the #1 cause of aging and wrinkles, by the way).

It is also a mix of oils with the tinted sunscreen, so your skin will not dry out, and will actually be protected more especially during dry winter months.

Incidentally, I have not worn this during the summer yet, so I can only say that it’s fantastic for Autumn/Winter so far. Summer will have to be an experiment next year to see if my skin breaks out or not, but I doubt it will.

It has non-nano zinc oxide (there’s a fear that nano-sized zinc oxide can penetrate into your pores and absorb in your bloodstream, so this one is good!), red raspberry seed oil and green/white tea infusions.

You can read all about it here.



(I am so jealous!!!)

  • One 2 oz. Full-sized Everyday Coverage SPF 30 Sunscreen
  • One 1/4th oz. Face Oil

Total Value at Retail: $60


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  • Open worldwide. Yeah you heard me. WORLDWIDE!!!
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(And super huge thanks to MV Organics for hosting this giveaway.)

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