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February 2021: The Net Worth and Investments Roundup

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Sherry’s February 2021 Net Worth

Or a increase of…
+$24,078.82 or +2.22%

This is how I invest half of money in the stock market and the other half is split between alternate lending (Lending Loop review here), and mostly in dividends (here is my dividend short list of stocks I was looking at to buy for Canada and the U.S.)

Even with the markets “down”…

It wasn’t as bad as in January. It recovered a little bit for me. Plus, a nice income helps.

The Net Worth Breakdown in Detail

All numbers. What’s important is the income being made, and the money being saved. My savings rate was killer this month:

February 2021 Savings Rate = 94%

Over 75% was my goal for 2021. So far, so good.

Goal: $1M in invested liquid assets

Moving towards my goal of $1M in invested liquid assets, I have done the following:

  • Now only my $400K (market value) house remains

It’ll make it easier to track my investments, it’s just whatever I have as a net worth minus $400K.

Net Worth Year in Review

So far, so good.

2021 goals:

Long-Term Goals

And here are my extra long-term goals. No real change I will update this every quarter or 6 months as these are longer-term things.

$1M in liquid investments

I don’t think I feel like a millionaire because I can’t see it in my accounts. Sounds silly but true. I’d like to log in and see “$1M” in my investment balances. That’d be nice.

Then obviously because I am crazy, I’d want to have $1M in EACH account. As I have 3… that would be $3M. I am more likely to hit this in my Margin (unregistered) accounts though. My registered ones may never hit $1M in my lifetime as I don’t contribute to them as often as I do margin ones (due to the government limits/caps).

$2M net worth

This includes just my house as an asset, plus my investment portfolio and cash. I won’t be adding any other fixed assets in there. I’d like to even move my house off this balance sheet but honestly, it is an asset (paid in cash no less).. why wouldn’t I count it as my net worth?

The only reason I’d remove it from my net worth completely is on the basis that well.. I need somewhere to live. So I can’t really sell the place now can I?

Anyway, potato, potata. I still own it, it’s an asset, ergo, part of net worth.

$50K passive income

It includes dividends, private lending, bank interest. Right now I am around $23K and I don’t know when I’ll hit $50K. So I set it at some arbitrary year.

Can I hit $5M by 2040? I’ll be 57 by then. Who knows? It’s a great goal.

$50K dividend income

This is a super.. aggressive goal to have just one stream of income coming in as $50K and no other incomes. I could just live off this luxurious salary and not touch a penny of capital.

For $50K at 1% return, it would mean $5M in invested capital.

I’d like to hit it at 65? Again, this is all made up.

Future FUTURE goal: 5-digits in monthly savings (e.g. $10K/month)

It is easy to save when you make lots of money. I know this sounds like nonsense (DUH) but .. it’s true. I am going to work on increasing my side income past $10K so that I can save 5-digits a month.

But not this year. I am working this year, I don’t have time for that. Later.

If you are interested, my money is parked here:

  • EQ Bank: 1.5% now.
  • Tangerine: Use my Orange key { 32726976S1 } for free money ($50 once you deposit $100; and I get $50 too) — At 2.74% until February.

…cashback sites and cash-earning sites for surveys:

It is invested here:


Some stocks on my radar

  • BCE
  • TRP

They pay dividends. The thing about Canadian dividend stocks is that they tend to just be stable, no major capital appreciation (except maybe now), and then steady dividend income. I would prefer $USD dividend stocks.

I am looking at:

  • JNJ

General Investment Strategy

My strategy is to have 50/50 as in:

50% of my portfolio in index mutual funds
50% of my portfolio in dividend-paying stocks

The ultimate goal is that my portfolio for dividend paying stocks will yield $12,000 at a minimum in dividend income (I hit that this year) each year, up to $50,000.

I am also playing the other side by having money invested in index mutual funds, and letting them grow slowly and appreciate. They too, pay out dividends at about 1.24% so it isn’t zero, just not as fast.

As my dividend stocks go up, I do sell for capital gains, and then I take that money and plow it into index funds, which drops my dividend payout rate, but it makes it ‘safer’ in the sense that it diversifies it more.

Small business lending is way down…

Still no loans being made. I am basically withdrawing $500 – $700 a month in cash from this account, draining it because…. it’s just sitting there.

Until the economy recovers, I won’t be able to invest any money back into lending out to small businesses.

Will take a mortgage in the future

I will take a mortgage in the future instead of trying to pay for my future home build in cash, as it’s an interim loan, interest rates right now are quite low and depressed, and if I have to pay it off early and pay a penalty, so be it – it’ll be cheaper than draining funds and selling investments, paying taxes, etc.

Reinvested 71% of my side incomes

I made about $3916.57 in side incomes, I spent $1614.20, but most of it was $USD or untouchable (dividends), so I was actually short about $483.71 in actual $CAD deposited into my bank account, because I had most of my side incomes being reinvested back automatically.

FYI my investments are all here:

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