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February 2020: The Investments Budget Roundup

General Investment Strategy

My strategy aside from these mistakes (really, only a $20,000 mistake in hindsight, which is one month’s pay), is to have 50/50. It goes like this:

50% of my portfolio in index mutual funds
50% of my portfolio in dividend-paying stocks

The ultimate goal is that my portfolio for dividend paying stocks will yield $12,000 at a minimum in dividend income each year, up to $50,000.

This month, I managed to get my dividends up to $15,000 a year so I hit that 2020 goal already. I am considering making the goal $20K this year, but this will depend on my contract getting extended.

As for my portfolio in index funds, they also pay out dividends at about 1.24% so it isn’t zero, just not as fast as if I invest in individual companies. I want to keep them both equal.

Invested in Mutual Funds: $201,252.73

Asia Pacific $809.19
Canada $26,715.42
All Cap Excluding US $35,133.28
U.S. $133,500.81

I finally got rid of my position in oil. I am sick of it. I got rid of it just before the major crash last week, and I am out. Enough of this nonsense. I lost money, but those are capital losses I can harvest for next year.

I pushed up more holdings in the U.S. as part of my buying spree this month.

Next time I buy, I will be buying All Cap Ex US and Canada (I alternate between these funds each time I do a big purchase) and only very recently bought Asia-Pacific.

I need as my next purchase, to throw another $20,000 into index funds as it is showing that my dividend portfolio is outpacing this one (again).

I use discount brokerage Questrade for all my RRSP, TFSA, Margin and RESP accounts:

Invested in Dividends: $217,604.38

Banking $64,309.86 29.55%
Communications $10,626.00 4.88%
Construction $5,404.36 2.48%
Food $19,191.42 8.82%
General $19,448.78 8.94%
REIT $25,707.38 11.81%
Renewables $14,108.00 6.48%
Transportation $17,416.56 8.00%
Utilities $34,685.52 15.94%
Waste $6,706.50 3.08%

I did well this month. I aggressively went into Renewables, Transportation, Waste and Utilities to bump those categories up from before.

Banking last month was quite high at 35%, now it is kissing 30% at 29.55% because I threw $60K elsewhere (it was hard to resist the siren call of banks…)

I picked up this month the following as dividend picks:

  • Brookfield Asset Management (BAM-A)
  • Brookfield Renewable Partners (BEP.UN)
  • CAE Inc. (CAE)
  • Canadian Pacific Railway (CP)
  • Innergex Renewable Energy (INE)
  • Emera (EMA)
  • New Flyer Industries (NFI)
  • Rogers Inc. (RCI.B)
  • Savaria Corp (SIS)
  • Telus (T)
  • Waste Connections (WCN)

On my buying list for March but I need to calm down after this:

I can’t use up ALL of my emergency fund! I still need something around just in case. Right?

I am nervous about not having my contract renewed so I think for peace of mind, I should halt all purchases until I get renewed, and then I will throw another $30K – $60K into the market.

I have another $15K pending for March and will do $5000 in each of these:

  • Sunlife Financial (SLF) – Need to get a position in this
  • Thomson Reuters (TRI) – Need to get a position in this
  • Telus (T) – I want more in here

Private Lending = $16,325.34

I usually top up the account with cash and then it slowly auto-invests itself. My gross yield is 13.8%, and after expenses, I am getting 10% at least if not more.

I have a bit of cash in there (about $300) at the time of this writing and each time a company pays their loan back, I reinvest that money.

I am aiming to build this up to $100,000. I have about $75K to go, and perhaps over the next 10 years I will get there, as you can’t force investments. I am doing little bits and pieces – $25 a company to $100 a company, no more than that. I am limiting my losses if any of them happen (some companies don’t pay on time) and diversifying across MANY companies.

So if one or five default, I am not out $5000! I am out $375 MAXIMUM. That’s the key to private lending for me.

FYI my investments are all here:

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  1. Vnss

    I’m really loving your investment series with the focus on dividends vs index funds!
    Can you talk a bit more about which accounts you use to invest in these different funds (RRSP, margin, TFSA)? And how you keep track of them (from a reinvestment perspective) – is there a market or segment weight that you try to stick to for each (ex. communications -10%, financials 30% etc.)?


    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Where to hold your taxes for maximum efficiency <-- I do this. I have no weight I stick to. I just see what I like, and I try not to go too strong into one area or company. 🙂 It's very fluid.


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