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February 2017 Budget Roundup


Semi-Emergency Mode Activated!

So near to the end of this month, I instituted a temporary Semi-Emergency ban on spending. If I go any longer than a year without working, I will go into Full Emergency ban, and then after the third year of not working, I’ll consider very strongly, becoming an employee.

*sob* Don’t make me do it.

Anything but this!

Why? How? What Happened!?

Well… I forgot that we had promised each other we wouldn’t travel any longer while Baby Bun was living at home.

*digs toe into ground*

We both want to be parents who parent together and do not leave for work for long periods of time.

Being single parents during the week would suck for both of us.

We have seen in our colleagues and friends what it does to their spouse, and children, and it is really tough on the whole family. If we had no choice, we’d do it, and we are okay with each other doing SHORT traveling stints, but nothing that is long-term (more than a month).

As a result, that means I am limited to working in only one city, when before I would be able to drift off to any other city to work without an issue. The average duration I worked in one city before finding another job in the same city, was about 3 years. In the meantime, I had gone to work in other cities and traveled…

I forgot about that part. Ugh.

What’s the good news?

Got lots.

  1. I get to hang out with Baby Bun more. I am going to appreciate this time watching my baby grow into (now) a little boy…
  2. I am going to keep busy with my DIY projects but also am trying to find more vegan / vegetarian recipes which means my other new little hobby is cooking
  3. I am mortgage-free. A reader asked a good question about whether I regretted my condo purchase, and I do not. With the purchase I tied up capital yes, but I also dropped my living expenses by half which is significant.
  4. I have money saved that I budgeted for (using this) to see me through the next 2+ years of not working, if I lower my spending (which is what I am doing)
  5. I’m consistently bringing in money on the blog now at about $1000 USD/month which will help. How? Find out more with my book here.
  6. More blogging on Save. Spend. Splurge. YAY! 🙂 Did you see? I’m starting a tour of my apartment.
  7. If it gets really bad, I’ll become an employee. It won’t be for minimum wage either, the minimum salary I’d be able to get is $100,000 which is nothing to sneeze at but it would mean I’d have to travel (no choice in the matter with a company) and I’d be working for managers again. *dread*

So, not that bad overall.

Just a bit of belt-tightening to wait out this wave, and my Plan B to turn into an Office Drone is in place if things get rough.

INCOME = $1048.23

I budget and track all of my expenses using The Budgeting Tool, of which its net profits I donate to a charity of my choice as I had promised many moons ago that I would do.

The breakdown

Advertising: $432.77

Affiliate Revenue: $340.44

Product Revenue: $275.02

Save. Spend. Splurge. Products sold, include:

EXPENSES = $4719.28

As I mentioned in my Semi-Emergency Mode post, this month the tax bill hit and I also paid for a week-long stay for my family in the city.

For this second year of not working, I will not skimp on gifts or on vacations (cheap and cheerful visiting-the-family kinds of vacations, mind you), but if we go into Year Three, yes, Gifts will be significantly slashed down.

Next month I plan on paying for our vacation back to Europe for the summer which I had already planned for.


NET WORTH = $496,411.83 or a decrease of -0.37% or -$1848.90

I expected this. I didn’t institute a ban on spending until near the end of February, so a lot of purchases have snuck through but have yet to make their way up into my hot little paws for next month.



To get these posts out in a timely manner, my dividend income will be one month behind. I only have the numbers for January, and I made $816.62 in dividends which I immediately plowed back into buying more stock.

BABY BUN’S NET WORTH = $16,925.76

This cute little Bun however, has been rocking the stock market as of late. O_o

He has more than I ever did until I was about 25. My debt-free budgeting story can be seen in pictures & charts here.

His strategy for investing is detailed and outlined here: How to invest your money forever and spend less than 4 hours a year.


So not spending has been sucking less than I expected. I thought I would be crawling the walls but the weather has been warming up, which means we may be making more forays outside to play in the park and enjoy fresh air instead of climbing the walls in boredom and desperation.


I have also been spending a lot of time doing even more DIY, Instagramming more (e.g. videos!!) and will be talking more about how we live as minimalists. I thought I had a lot of stuff, and we had a lot of junk but from your comments, it turns out that we aren’t as cluttered as we think.

I guess it’s all relative to what you see and know. I have extremes in my family.

Either you’re a hoarder like my parents, or you’re not. I’m sort of teetering in between the two, loving my stuff (clothes mostly), but also really loving empty SPACE.

Here’s the sneak peek at next week’s post on my home:

P.S. Here are all of my budget roundups in case you want to peruse over previous months.

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Posted on December 3, 2020

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1 Comment

  1. Val

    Hello there,

    I have been reading your blog for a little while now (2 months or so?) but this is the first time I have really felt the need to write a comment. For information, I also have a blog dealing with personal finances but in the French realm of the Quebec world 😉 I am French, have been around for the last 20 years or so.
    Your last posts re: Semi-emergency mode and this one, really talk to me. You see I also used to travel a lot for work. Heck, I ended up in Montreal on a contract 20+ years ago. Life was FUN, full of adventures and challenges, lots to do and discover. Hard work, hard play, traveling the globe.
    I ended-up in Montreal because I hated the contract I had landed in Brussels at the time. That was the reason why I flew over here the first time. It was a rather long contract, 4 to 5 years. Things were rocking and then I met this guy.
    I fell in love, decided to start a family life, had two kids.
    The fact that I divorced later on has nothing to do with this.
    The point is, the kids turned my life over completely.
    It looks like you are at the point in your life where I was 15 years ago… This is why I had to reach out. I never met anyone who lived what I went through (I am sure there are plenty like us, but they don’t blog lol)
    To cut it short *else I am sure we could exchange for ever on this lol), I ended up accepting to work for a boss (yikes, gag, gag…) for seven, 7, SEVEN years… That was because I divorced in the meantime… As soon as I was able to break through I did, it took a big toll on my working life but at least I feel I “paid my debt” to this company. Worked it out, now I am back to freelancing but I am grounded in Montreal. Still, the freelancing gives me some sense of “unstability” I had prior to the kids, unstability I yearn for but that I cannot fully afford anymore because my kids are with me.

    VoilĂ . A quick note to let you know, I know this time is hard… but you will make it through. It is obvious. You have the strength of character, the intelligence, the will power, the strong sense of independence it takes to make it through. It’s just a tough moment in your life, there will be others. If worse comes to worse you will go back to work for a salary, so what? You will break through.

    Take care, and All the Best to You. Congrats for all the great achievements! I love reading you 🙂


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