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February 2015: What I bought, watched and read


Couldn’t resist this month. I TRIED SO HARD.


But I also gave myself a $3000 limit in my budget and in lieu of eating all of it, I bought some things too…

Did I also mention I am selling stuff? Like this DvF wrap dress in a US 6/8?


I’m using the money from what I am selling off my wardrobe to buy these things, so I feel a whole lot better.. and not guilty in the slightest.



I had been eying this Dominick jacket for a long time. I love the draping, I love the cut, the style.. it is perfect for my inverted triangle shape.

I just couldn’t spend $195 for it. In the past I could, but nowadays, nope. NOPE.

I had wanted it in black but I already have a ponte jersey black blazer and two other black blazer-type toppers so I thought: “any colour but black or white”.

…hence why I bought it in Everest — a hunter green colour (couldn’t really find a clear photo of it online by someone who bought “Everest” before..).

I’ve been burned by Aritzia photos before, where burgundy is actually brown in real life.

This colour is actually this green but photographs like that image above, in a more blue-y teal green.

Think of that famous Masters golf jacket and that’s the colour but in a much darker shade as it’s a very blue-toned green.

It’s pretty…. Don’t get me wrong. It looks GREAT with a magenta top underneath.



I am a huge fan of subtle rock and roll touches.

I don’t want to be too obvious about it but I also don’t like things that are too conservative or straight-edged. I want something a little rough or wild without going too far, you know?

(I’m still on the fence about leather leggings. I want them but… I can’t imagine wearing them. Yet.)

Anyway, when I saw this studded belt from Emerson Fry I questioned myself about whether or not I could actually pay over $100 for a DAMN BELT… and yes, yes I could, apparently.


I also browsed Etsy and Ebay to see if I could find a similar belt for cheaper and none was exactly like this — gunmetal, studded, small two-row belt and in a MATTE finish.

It’s perfection.

I have never seen this style of belt before.

It’s subtle and dainty without being delicate or too ladylike, and is something much more urban and modern.

I saw this picture of it belted around a dress and immediately pictured it going with ALL of my dresses. ALL OF THEM.

This is how much I like this belt. I can see this happening to all my outfits.



So. I clicked “Yes” and bought it.

The End.

Update: By the way, I think the model is holding the belt in the picture above because there is NO WAY this belt fits her waist if she’s as skinny as I am..

It barely fit around mine and is kind of too loose.

It only works around my hips / stomach…. And I bought the XS. I would have needed an XXS or an XXXS….. It was off by at least 4″ for my waist.

You can see an image of it over a blazer in my Instagram, but it was too loose to stay on properly.


This is SUCH A GOOD documentary. I teared up throughout the whole thing and cried during the awards ceremony. I CRIED.

My goodness. My heart just went out to all of them.


I liked this book. It was interesting going through the questions. I’m doing a post with the questions posed to myself.

It was an OK fluff read.

Excellent read. Great style ideas, some are really too out there for me, but I got some good ideas like layering belts over each other or over blazers.

Great diet book to read, but frankly it’s just common sense. Don’t eat too much, eat a bit of what you love, everything in moderation and drink lots of water.

I guess I don’t get what is so different about her advice but perhaps… it’ll be inspiring?

It was a good read nonetheless and I am not someone who likes dieting or needs to diet.

I love how honest she was in this book about young women, as young as 30 checking to make sure that ARE fertile before it is too late. Harvest your viable eggs, girls!

Really touching and sad to read her journey and story.

I LOVED THIS BOOK. She’s so honest, I didn’t even know who she was (I’m not very high fashion-y), but after reading this I watched The September Issue where they went through how they did a Vogue issue… which I loved as well.

Grace’s spreads in TSI were just ethereal and amazing. I honestly marvel at how much work goes into each shoot.

Honest, forthright, with a great eye and the right-hand of Anna Wintour. What more could you ask for? She’s fabulous.

She also got a shout-out from Brad Goreski in his biography for being someone who expects people on set to WORK and not to laze around and do nothing.

<3 her.

Great read. On the same level as #GirlBoss by Sophia Amaruso, but not quite as well-written or as polished.

I still liked reading how they built Juicy Couture.. and now they have their own brand, Pam & Gela. I didn’t really get or like JC when it was hot and I kind of don’t get this casual luxury vibe they’re trying to portray. It’s just a little too.. MUCH for me.

Gold, pink, little dogs, bows, frills, tracksuits, high heels… it makes me think of Paris Hilton and it’s not my thing.

My idea of luxurious casual is clothing from The Row.

Or Emerson Fry.

Still, a great read.

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  1. Ms.S

    That blazer!!!! I need that in my wardrobe.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      It is pretty awesome. Looks great in black.

  2. Michelle

    I’m not allowed to look at Emerson Frye’s website. I loved #GirlBoss and that belt ROCKS!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      I’m trying not to go there. I also fixed the link….

  3. Anne @ Money Propeller

    That belt is so much fun! My workplace isn’t dressy enough for it to be seen as a fun fashion side piece, it would be seen as full-on punk rock, which is a bummer.
    I like the cut of the blazer, it’s fun. I finally steamed one of my favourite blazers yesterday, so I can wear it again, in unwrinkled style.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Well it is elegant enough to be subtle punk rock…

  4. The Asian Pear

    I’ve been meaning to ask you, did you follow the latest season of Top Chef (Boston) and what your thoughts were if so!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Yes!!! The right person won .. It was her or Gregory I was leaning towards Gregory though…

  5. Taylor Lee @ Engineer Cents

    That Aritzia jacket looks BOSS.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      It’s pretty cool. Makes me feel like I won some golfing tournament.


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