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February 2012: What I bought

I’m starting to understand that this post might become monthly — a ‘haul’ post, so to speak of what I purchased this month.

I’ll only put the interesting stuff, because no one cares about groceries 😉


My lovely ivory wrap I just bought in January was stolen this month 🙁

Yes. I paid an eye-popping $300 for a cashmere travel wrap because I travel SO MUCH and need something like that, and it got stolen in the hotel.

Don’t even ask me how.

Anyway, I ended up being morose and depressed for weeks until I found the right replacement for my perfect travel wrap.

I ended up buying a second-hand Herve Leger (yes THAT Herve Leger) cashmere wrap at a consignment store called REmix Clothing @ 639 Queen Street West (Yelp Review of REmix Clothing), and it was almost exactly the same price as my stolen one and it looks like this:


This time, I am gripping on to it for dear life and not letting it out of my sight.


BIONIC WRAP DRESS (GENIA) IN KHAKI = $50 + $7 alterations (SALE)


These dresses by Mark Foreman of the Bionic Woman dress line normally go for $150 – $180, so to see one on sale for $50, that was a size 6, but as it was a wrap dress, it fit me surprisingly well, is a steal because they were having a sale on his Fall/Winter stuff.

I picked it up at Fresh Collective @ 692 Queen Street West (Yelp Review of Fresh Collective).

I also paid $7 to get it hemmed so it would be more flattering on me.

The style is Genia, and it looks like this:

MANDALA SKIRT IN BLACK & WHITE — $52.80 (SALE) + $7 Alterations

I also got a jersey pencil skirt in a black and white pattern and had to get it altered down in the hips because it was too large on me.

I picked it up at Fresh Collective @ 692 Queen Street West (Yelp Review of Fresh Collective).

The designs are by Mandala Designs, and it looks exactly like this:


I love the cross-hatch pattern and it’s a pencil skirt which is flattering on me.

I also love that I can eat in it, because it’s STRETCHY 😀



I stood in line for about an hour and a half, before I was let in at 12:30 p.m.

I got to see the Target dog (I feel bad for animals with spray paint on their faces and bodies 🙁 ), and I got a little stuffed Target dog to boot. And a cup of free hot chocolate 😉

Then I waited WAY too long for the stupid change rooms (only 5!) when I should have just stripped down in the store on the communal changing platform and tried on the items over my clothes 😐

Anyway, lesson learned. Next time, I just do what I want instead of waiting for a dressing room.

I picked up a bicycle-wheel printed scarf ($10), and two dresses for $35 each.

The scarf I got ($10):

They had two other scarves in teal with flowers on it (daisies?) and a cat one that had a pretty graphic black and white print on it too.

The scarf feels heavy, wonderful, not at all like polyester — more silk-like, and it looks and feels fabulous.

I picked up this t-shirt like striped red, pink, and navy dress ($35) which is not as short on me as it is on that leggy model.


This second dress went like hotcakes! I was #30 or at least #50 in line, and the smallest size I could snag was a US 6 off the rack.

Luckily, I used my brains and managed to get it traded for a US 4 which fits perfectly without being tight.

It isn’t quite as shiny as in the photo, and it isn’t as short on me as it is on this model. It also screams for a belt (did not come with the black belt), so I’ll be having fun with that! ($35)

All in all, a great haul.


Michael Michaud is one of my favourite jewellery designers. He casts the jewellery from actual items in nature (no two pieces are alike), and although his stuff is pricey (yikes!), it’s very beautiful.

I bought one of his pieces from Trove in the Annex @ 791 Bathurst Street, Toronto ON (Yelp Review of Trove).


LOVE this ring. I can’t believe Nicole Ritchie designs the line. It’s glamourous, tough and still delicate and modern at the same time.

I bought it at Lavish & Squalor @ 253 Queen Street West (Yelp Review of Lavish & Squalor).

I know it looks like fangs or claws, but it looks even better on and not so strange.


That’s it. That’s all I got this month 🙂

*looks at budget sadly*

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  1. B. (Below Her Means)

    In love with that clover necklace. I have a post similar to this scheduled for tomorrow!

  2. Ms. S

    I like your classic style.   The dresses I love.  That cashmere wrap is pretty as well.  I travel quite a bit for work myself.  Do you ever get tired of it or do you just enjoy your career so much that it doesn’t really matter?  I find myself looking forward to the day I no longer travel.

    1. Mochi & Macarons

       I get really tired of traveling. I actually loathe waiting in airports, the 2-hour-before-flights rule, the security checks, and just being ON the plane.

      However, I love what I do so much, the pros outweigh that con.

  3. Miss J

    That cashmere wrap is just gorgeous! I bet it feels like heaven. 🙂

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      It DOES feel like heaven. It isn’t too thick, isn’t too thin, and the silk will make it very breathable and wonderful.

      Cashmere is worth it, if it’s high quality. Otherwise, it feels like scratchy cheap wool… 🙁

  4. Laura @ No More Spending

    The dresses make me wish that I wore dresses. Lovely!

    1. mochiandmacarons

      I’m a dress fiend, this is my largest category of items, with my jeans being the smallest (2 pairs).

  5. Fabulouslyfrugirl

    LOVED your dress and everything you bought!  I really love the black and white pattern on the skirt – and then the black band with the buttons was just too pretty! 🙂

    I think I need to hunt down that Bionic wrap dress.  Do they still have my size left?  I loved the army green – was that the one that we saw before?

    1. mochiandmacarons

      I knew you’d be into the skirt. It’s really your thing 🙂

      The Bionic Wrap dress may be kicking around at any Fresh Collective store. Give them a ring, they have 3 locations I think, and may have some left.

      The army green one was close to the one we saw before at Cat’s Cradle, remember?

  6. Ella

    wow! Those were a whole lot of beautiful items!! I love the two last dresses! Very very much the style I love! I would have had the cat bag too 😀

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      They were only $35 each! A steal, and they look far more expensive 🙂

  7. Jacq

    That wrap dress is totally FREAKING AWESOME!
    I want one.

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      I’ve been trying to find out if stores in Toronto with his line ship to people across Canada or even to the US.

      So far, no dice. 🙁

  8. Chants

    Oooh I need to stop by more often, because I like this post! Love the cashmere wrap sweater, the Jason Wu for Target dress (first one) and the ring. And yes, stretchy skirts are the best! Nothing worse than eating a big old lunch and not being able to breathe because your skirt is tight. I hate that feeling! 

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      Once a week is all I’m posting.

      Then once a month for these haul things.

      Can’t really handle any more.. if I tried any more posts per week, I’d be back to where I was before — blogging part-time 😛

      I want to blog ‘occasion-time’, not part-time. 🙂

      YES! I love the dress — wore it, got plenty of compliments. Tons of great belts for me to wear with it too.

      I also love love love the cashmere sweater, it’s seriously awesome. And the ring.

  9. BrokeElizabeth

    I love every single thing you bought… seriously, that Bionic wrap dress is to die for… and for $50? Amazing deal. 

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      Which is exactly what I said to myself to convince myself to BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

      $50. Must have been at cost 🙂

  10. Bridget


    And that wrap is gorgeous… when I think of Herve Leger I only ever think of the dresses (maybe because I owned one) but that sweater is stunning. Now I have so much more to lust over lol

    1. Mochi & Macarons


      I found it in a second hand store, but even so.. I originally thought it was $150 because he said 50% off their winter stuff, but I guess it doesn’t include consigned items 😐

      Even so, I already tried it on and liked it… and bit the bullet.

  11. Bethany

    I love that ring. Those moments when you find the unique accessory that you love… rockin.

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      And I don’t even particularly like Nicole Ritchie, however that ring really spoke to me… spiky without being painful 🙂


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