In Budget Roundups

February 2012 Budget Roundup = +24,878.98 or 13.6%

I will geekily admit that this is my favourite post each month. My OCD-self, loves seeing these graphs and numbers, and my PF side especially enjoys the increases in my net worth.

  • OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • PF = Personal Finance


My minimalist side has reared its head and I’ve been scanning documents like a mofo. Look at how many papers I scanned and need to shred!!

Great month overall.

Spent less than last month, I got a job in the U.S. which I should be starting fairly soon, and I’m investing more of my emergency fund money into index funds (~$35,000), leaving about $20,000 behind to cover taxes and savings.

INCOME = $24,729.66

  • I sold quite a bit of stuff this month, which I’m very pleased by. Yay for decluttering!
  • Starting next month or so, YAY! New job! (Yes I got hired :D)
  • Update: Did not sell the whole $24,000 worth of stuff; the rest is income
  • Sold about $500 worth of stuff this month!


  • Didn’t quite meet my goal of $1000 a month, because I shopped 🙁
  • But hey!! Still lower than my $2659.50 expenses of January 2012 😉
  • Am still pleased I ended up in the black, so not all is lost

You will notice I absolutely do NOT talk about whether I was over or under budget, mostly because I’ve tried to say to myself:

Self, spend $1000 a month and no more.

Actually, LESS than that you little fiend, especially since you don’t pay rent this month!

..and every month, something happens. Frankly, I have the money and I am not anywhere near being the edge of financial ruin.

So I’ve decided to stop being guilty about going over arbitrary budget numbers and just spend within reason, keeping in mind that my net worth is what’s really the most important factor for me.


Use my budgeting tool to create this spreadsheet




NET WORTH FOR FEBRUARY 2012 = $205,874.26

Net worth increased by 13.60% or by $24,878.98  the-budgeting-tool-february-2012-net-worth




Taking it easy this month. (Riiiiiight, like I had been actually working hard the past few months :P)

No income coming in as far as I’m aware of, and I’m just getting my affairs in order to leave, such as making sure I am kosher on the U.S.-Canada tax treaty laws, and my banks are all well-informed that I will be in the U.S.

I still have taxes to pay, I’m expecting to pay about $12,000 mostly because I’ve contributed significant amounts to charity, and will get a nice tax break.

Otherwise, I think I’ll be doing a lot more reading this month, as I work through my library of e-books on my iPad.


I loved Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy series that is now being turned into movies (which I don’t plan on watching as I’ve already read the book).

Not only have I been to Stockholm (one of my favourite places in Europe), and I knew all of the places he was writing about in the book, I absolutely love books where justice is served and a woman kicks ass 🙂

My travel posts here 


How did your February go?


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Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

Am my own Sugar Daddy. Am a millionaire at 36 after getting out of $60K of student debt in 18 months, a little over a decade earlier, using I have worked 50% of my career (taking 1-2 year breaks), and quadrupled my income within 2 years of graduating, going from $65K to $260K with an average lifetime savings rate of 50%. I have 11 side incomes that are on track in 2020 to make me $50K - $75K. I could retire today if I wanted, but love my work-life balance as a freelancing consultant in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). I am all about balance - between time and money, and also enjoying my money. I also post daily on Instagram @saverspender.

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  1. Ms. S

    Congratulations on a great financial February but BIGGER CONGRATS on you new job!! That’s reat!  You had a dream and you went after it!  You rock!

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      Thank you Ms. S 🙂 I definitely had a dream in the making for the past 5 years, and I am finally there. FINALLY!

  2. Erictayl

    Seriously? $24,729 in income this month? You stated you made $90k in 3 months, or $30k/mo? January – $22,500. That ranges from $140 (jan), $155 (feb), to $234 per hour.

    WHAT DO YOU DO?? Can you post a breakdown on how you earn your money/income streams?

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      Sorry.. I don’t tell people what I do. The most I can tell you is that I’m a business consultant. 🙂

      1. $90k in 3 months was an exceptional situation. I did a lot of overtime, almost 60 hours a week and they damn well paid for that. It was a contracting situation.

      2. As for the $24,729 income for this month, it was from the sale of my blogs, and then I just sold stuff on the side.

      3. I make approximately $100 – $130/hour, sometimes that’s expenses included, so it really depends on how my contract for a project is structured, and I might end up only with $90/hour – $110/hour (I’m pretty good at keeping a reasonable set of expenses).

      4. This is all gross income, you understand.. so taxes will eat at least 40%.

      5. I will be working as an employee now, so those variable income streams will disappear. It’ll be a solid $130k/year, plus bonuses, so it will be more evened out rather than huge chunks of money.

      1. Erictayl

        Right on, sounds reasonable. Good luck to you..

        1. Mochi & Macarons

          Thanks! 🙂

  3. Former FB reader

    Does your income include selling your other blogs then?

  4. BrokeElizabeth

    Way to smash that net worth goal (and still manage to buy a bunch of cute clothes)! 

    1. Mochi & Macarons

       Thank you kindly. Now I have to inventory/list everything! 😐

  5. Laura @ No More Spending

    WTG on the Net Worth – I love that you had the goal of moving to the US and went out and accomplished it!! 

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      Thanks! It isn’t easy to move to any country, but I will say that US is the hardest of all.

  6. Fabulouslyfrugirl

    You sold $24K worth of stuff??!  Wowzers!

    I have yet to hit a double digit % monthly increase in networth.  One day. 🙂

    1. Mochi & Macarons

       No 🙂 I didn’t sell $24k of stuff! Probably should have clarified that…


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