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Favourite television series and shows to date

I watch quite a lot of TV.

It is nice to have your brain switch off and relax. I don’t actually own a television or have cable per se, but I use online TV services and for the most part (especially Netflix), I have found a ton of great series and episodes available.

My tastes veer towards detective, fantasy, reality TV (yes really), food documentaries and the like and I’ve tried to group them as such.

I’m really open to suggestions as well. I have watched some that readers have recommended and loved it, but others, they just weren’t my speed.

As of late, you’d be surprised how much TV I watch, either on my iPod (saved videos), off Amazon Video, or just in general as background noise:


  • Barely Famous – Half reality, half fake and funny…
  • Modern Family – Entire cast is hilarious
  • This is Us – Great drama about life
  • Seinfeld – Today, tomorrow, and forever
  • Big Bang Theory – It was great for me until 7 seasons then it jumped the shark..


  • Castle – Nathan Fillion MADE this show for me. Fellow Canadian and awesome actor.
  • Sherlock (BBC) – Benedict Cumberbatch for me is a fantastic actor.
  • Elementary – I love Lucy Liu….
  • The Good Wife – Quite gripping to the end
  • The Good Fight – The sequel to The Good Wife
  • The Mentalist


  • Top Chef – STILL LOVE IT
  • Chef’s Table – Great series on Netflix


  • Battlestar Galactica – Just really like the whole plot
  • Game of Thrones – Love me a good dragon
  • Dollhouse – Spies and secret abilities? OMG YES.


  • Comedians in Cars getting Coffee – Some episodes are funnier than others
  • Real Housewives of New York City – do not ask me how I got started on this, but I blame it on hotel TV…
  • Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – Fantastic, and I love Antoni the best.


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