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Favourite spots in Toronto to eat at, shop and go to for essential services

Last Update: September 26th 2013




Organic groceries: They’re ranked from biggest to largest, but depending on what you want to buy, some stores may be cheaper than others.

Fancy groceries:

Japanese: Sanko Trading Butcher: Sanagan’s Meat Locker SpicesThe Spice Trader AlcoholLCBO @ Summerhill Coffee: The Green Beanery Tea: David’s Tea


Photograph-Ramen-Food-Noodles-Eating-Restaurant My favourite restaurants with what to order: Brunch: The Senator – Blueberry pancakes are killer here Cafe:

Sushi – Traditional:

  • Japango – Any kind of sashimi dish and the omakase (you have to order ahead of time)
  • Asuka Japanese Restaurant – Any kind of sashimi dish (sashimi don, for example)

Sushi – Avant garde:

  • Yuzu no Hana – Any kind of sashimi dish, and the sake cheesecake is really good.
  • ND Sushi and Grill – Any kind of sashimi dish, and the omakase is not bad

Mexican: Chipotle – Chicken Burrito w/ Guacamole Thai: Khmer Thai – Tom Yum Goong soup, and the Spring Rolls Italian:

Japanese Ramen:

Vietnamese Pho: Pho Linh – Their beef phos are excellent; choose any of them Chinese Food: Lee Garden – Deep fried oysters are killer here Vegetarian / Vegan:


Photograph-Food-Lemon-Tart-Dessert-Eat-3-Macarons Sweet & Savoury Pastries: Nadege (only on weekends) – Macarons only good on weekends


  • Bite Me Bakery — Bite-sized cupcakes for $1.50 each (Tax included)
  • Dlish Cupcakes — Full-sized cupcakes at $3.00 (plus tax) each; quite yummy


Photograph-Shopping-Clothes-Closet-Wardrobe-5 NOTE: Sign up for the Toronto Live Green Card, at the retailers listed, you can get discounts. Organic / Eco-Friendly Items: Grassroots (10% off with the Live Green Card) Higher-End / Independent Clothing:

General Clothing Shops:

Canadian Designer-Centric Shops:




Maternity: Rhonda Maternity Canada Goose Jackets (Largest Selection): Sporting Life Jewellery and Bags:

Hats & Fascinators: Liliput Kitschy Gift Shop: Blue Banana Market Stationery:

Office & Art Supplies: Midoco Art and Office Supplies Bamboo Stuff of all kinds: Plaiter Place Shoes:

High-End, Good, Not-Cheap-Crap, Kitchenware:

Sewing Supplies (Zippers, Buttons, etc) and Leather: Leather and Sewing Depot


Photograph-Travel-Asia-Flower-Zen-Life-Pond-Lotus-Glistening-on-the-Water Natural Nail Spa (Pedicures / Manicures): Alma Spa (Eglinton/Yonge) Regular Nail Spa: NailSense Natural Spa for Facials and natural products: Pure and Simple (Yorkville, King Street, Eglinton/Yonge) Natural products in general:

Beauty products (not necessarily natural):


Bicycle Shop: Curbside Cycle


Doctors: Patient Networks Dentists: Concourse Dental Centre Optometrists: Eaton’s Center Drs. Chung & Tse Dry cleaning: The Golden Hanger Shoe / Boot / Bag Repair: Sole Survivor Hairdresser:

Massage: Sage Health

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  1. The Asian Pear

    We need to go to Kinton together for ramen one day. omnomnom.

  2. M

    Awesome list! I love Asuka in Yorkville for sushi too! I recently found a great sushi place near Toronto General Hospital called Mt Fuji Epicure City. Weird name but it is awesome! Just don’t go to the washroom, yikes!

    1. saverspender @ save. spend. splurge.

      Asuka is on my list under Restaurants 🙂

      Also, as for the bathrooms if they aren’t clean, I assume the kitchen isn’t either.. 😐

  3. Michelle

    I want that soba soup-NOW!! Fantastic list. I lived in Toronto for a short period of time and it was great. I miss it!

    1. saverspender @ save. spend. splurge.

      It’s becoming a dear city to me. 🙂 I didn’t grow up here but I like it all the same.

  4. Tammy R

    Ah, thank you, Mochimac. I have a friend who will be there for business next week and shall send this list to her lickety split!

    1. saverspender @ save. spend. splurge.

      I hope she has a wonderful time!


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