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Does anyone find smells of products overpowering these days?

I have no idea what it is, but in the past year or so, I have started to develop a real sensitivity to smells, namely to products that don’t use more natural fragrances or essential oils, but manufactured smells.

For instance, I bought this coconut-smelling conditioner. I used it, liked the smell the first months of using it.

But the other day, I took it out, and was just repulsed by its stench. Its STINK.

I almost threw up in the shower, it smelled terrible and I felt nauseous.

(Before you jump to any conclusions, I am not pregnant, I have checked many times since).

Then, I have another fragranced product of Burt’s Bees shower gel I was using on Little Bun, and the smell just made me so nauseous afterwards, that I had to toss it all in the garbage.

I also bought this lipstick from Sephora that I liked a lot when I had it, but when I went to apply it the other day, the fragrance was so overpowering, I threw it out. I wiped it off my lips and felt sick.

What is going on?

Am I starting to develop some sort of neural disease?

I have no idea why I suddenly find these smells so offensive when they are so strong, and especially if they are fake.

Fragrances are pretty much all out for me, except for lavender essential oil (I can still stand the smell of that), and my shampoos now have to be more natural in the sense that the fragrance has to come from essential oils, and not be so cloying.

I wonder if it is me (yes, probably), but also maybe that my nose is experiencing an overabundance of smells. Or maybe the lack of it.

Maybe I am starting to get so used to less perfumes and less fragrances, that I now find any hint of it unbearable.

Has anyone else experienced this?


  • Gail

    I have always been overly sensitive to smells, but it has increased recently, along with increased acuteness of taste, sound, touch, and photosensitivity. I attribute it to being old (70’s), but who knows? Dr. says I am just a highly sensitive person. In your case and in mine, this seems true in both senses (ha!) of the word sensitive. Since you are young, why not get a medical opinion, esp. with the nausea.

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