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DIY: Upcycle Jewellery – Creating drusy slice rings for under $20

I picked up these rings on final sale from H&M so that I could upcycle them.

They were kind of cool just as letter rings but I would never really wear letters because people would ask me what they mean, and I am not interested in explaining anything.

So, I chose those rings because they had flat letters and would be perfect to take pendants that I made into necklaces but was not satisfied with them just as necklaces and pendants.

So.. I thought — RINGS!

I’d totally rock them as statement rings.

I picked out all the pendants that looked the LEAST like necklace pendants, and snipped off their connectors at the top.

I even took a single earring to make it into a ring because I thought it would look great:

I had made them into a necklace previously:

But I don’t need TWO pendants of exactly the same, so a ring would be perfect.

I flip them over, pick the right letters to match with each pendant so they will stick well, and used a very good glue meant for this kind of crafting:

And bam, done!

They look incredible and as statement pieces, I could not be happier.

They look just like the pieces I covet at $100, even $250 or higher, and I made it with some glue.

Of course, I did not create any of these items, and I didn’t solder or create the metals on my own but I am very happy with the result.

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