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December 2016 Budget Roundup = $506,853.35 or an increase of +0.65% or +$3282.63


I think for the fact that I haven’t worked the whole year (except for a month), I have done pretty well in terms of net worth, not to mention now finally monetizing my blog seriously to the point where I am going to be able to use it to pay basic expenses if I wanted.

Also, I shopped way more than I thought this year but spent most of my money this year in less than a week (Boxing Week!)

I went through my wardrobe as I was doing my yearly roundup and was thinking: How did I miss this? And this? And this? In my roundups!? UGH.

INCOME = $2345.29 USD (Blog-Only Income)

My only income this month came from the blog.

It has gone up from around $1100 USD a month to over double!!

How do I do it? Check out my book Start a Blog Like a Boss – How to Make Money for more details.

The breakdown:

  • $1429.17 – Banner Advertising
  • $916.12 – Affiliate advertising

EXPENSES = $5260.36 … *eye pop*


I TOTALLY MISSED ON SO MUCH I BOUGHT THIS YEAR. Actually, I also optimistically posted my December What I bought post before I actually finished shopping because I went out for Boxing Week and found SO MANY THINGS.

I need to do a follow-up What I bought post before I do my final yearly roundup.

Ugh. Sorry. 🙂

Anyway, my expenses are as expected, boring, except for all the SHOPPPINGGGG I DIDDDDDDD…..


NET WORTH = $506,853.35 or an increase of +0.65% or +$3282.63

I am pleased, y’all. I spent almost $5000 and still went up $3200 and that’s with not working at all.

Like zero, except for the blog income, which just went ‘poof’ under that $5000 shopping umbrella.


It looks dismal from a year ago, but that’s because I stopped working a year ago.

My net worth tends to peter out, plateau and go up, down, and generally grow slowly when I am not working.

DIVIDEND INCOME = $155.31 from last month

Note: I only have the dividend income from November because it is not until mid-January that I will get the December numbers.

Last month, it was only $155.31 but better than nothing. It all got reinvested back into buying more stock.

BABY BUN’S NET WORTH = $16,747.23 or an increase of +$233.25 or +1.39%

Baby Bun is more steady in his net worth, a solid climb because he has zero expenses and only his government money invested by his Mommy to make sure he kills it.


I have to do a follow-up What I bought post, which is coming soon, and then my yearly roundup.

P.S. Here are all of my budget roundups in case you want to peruse over previous months.

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