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Canadian Investing 101: Crash Course – 60 mins + Q&A

Disclaimer: I am not an accountant or a pro money advisor. I just really enjoy making and keeping my money and this is based all on my own experiences/knowledge

If I do not know the answer, I will tell you so.

I will also not be telling you specifically what and where to invest your money — I will only be giving you all of the information  as an overview of what is available out there from robo-advisors to DIY, some thoughts on the pros and cons of each, and to let you decide for yourself & also answering any specific questions live at the end.

Cost: $100 CAD (via Paypal)

  • Full video presentation any time you want to watch it – I will send you the course link, I do not do live presentations for this any more because I just say the same thing each time
  • 15 minute question and answer period afterwards for clarification

Presentation Course Preview (Video)


  • Introduction to Investing
  • Overview of Canadian banks and financial institutions
  • Basic Investing Strategies
  • Costs to Investing to look out for and comparisons
  • Mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds
  • RRSP Overview & withdrawals
  • TFSA Overview & withdrawals
  • Comparing RRSP vs TFSA
  • RRSP Contribution scenarios
  • Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Rebalancing a portfolio overview
  • Overviews of banks + mutual funds
  • Overview of what an stock market index is
  • Components of reading a mutual fund fact sheet
  • Basic stock rundown
  • Basics on dividend investing

Will Provide:

  • Video presentation (60 minutes)
  • Q&A sessions at the end (via Zoom call or email – whatever you decide)
  • Summary of presentation takeaway PDF (7-10 pages)
  • Summary of all the questions asked by participants from all sessions


You can purchase the course below for $100 CAD via Paypal and the following will be sent:

  1. Pre-recorded video session will be sent for your viewing (there were no questions asked during the presentation, it was all done at the end)
  2. Summary of the presentation (PDF)
  3. FAQ sheet collecting all the questions and answers from the previous sessions (PDF)
  4. Email to set up a 15-minute clarification call (or can be done via email instead)