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Canadiana: What candy & snacks do we have that is not available in the U.S.?

To all my American readers:

I am planning on bringing a care package and shipping the rest of it (depending on how much I need to bring) to the U.S. as a gift and treat when I go.

So far, I have compiled a list of things I think are NOT available in the U.S.

Can you please confirm?


  • Coffee Crisp
  • Smarties – Your “smarties” are apparently Rockets; ours are more like M&Ms
  • Caramilk
  • Crunchie bars
  • Aero bars
  • Mr. Big bars
  • Kit Kats – You have these but made by Hershey not Nestle, right?
  • Big Turk
  • Mackintosh toffee
  • Maltesers
  • Mars Bars


  • Ketchup Chips
  • Dill Pickle chips
  • All Dressed Chips
  • PC flavours of chips – poutine, maple bacon etc


  • Hickory Sticks – These are smoked potato stick chips (julienned shape)
  • Kinder Eggs (Yes, not available but are illegal in the U.S.)

Thanks in advance!


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