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Calling women in STEM for a study!

I highly encourage any woman in STEM (Science, Technoloy, Engineering, math) — especially those of colour — to please do us all a favour and share your story with wonderful researcher Jennie Kim.

I do not want to type her email address here because she will get spammed, please refer to the image below at the bottom left corner.

It is one hour long, all responses remain confidential and you get a little $15 Amazon gift card afterwards as a thank you.

You need to have either 4 years of work experience if you are currently working in STEM, or at least 2 years of STEM experience if you are no longer in it.

Really, it is about the interview and sharing your experience so that she can research and write papers on how to give clear, concrete examples on how to dismantle the barriers of women working in STEM.


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