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Budgeting for the rest of 2012

I’ve had a lot of great comments (one two dissenting so far, although I am sure there are plenty more who are silent but fuming, and I’d like to hear their great comments too) on my post ranting about the U.S. and their practices.

I just want to point out that I don’t hate Americans, I just hate the way the country functions, acts, and works. I KNOW there are good Americans who are trying to help and change things, but I am looking at the country as a whole and the system that has been put in place.

If you want to change it, then fight for it. Silence and inaction is just as good as saying you agree with what’s going on. Also, I understand completely that I have said hurtful comments (who the hell wants to have their country called out like that or to defend it? NO ONE!) but this is because no one wants to hear anything but the good stuff. Perhaps my comments hurt and hit deep because they’re partly true to some extent, especially seen from an outsider’s point of view. I know when people say what I think is very hurtful to me, if I come out of my red haze of anger and look at it objectively, they’re partly right. I may not think that they see the whole picture, but their opinion is just as valid and rational as mine. The great thing about Americans is that they are full of hope and want to see the good side of things, as well as change for the better…. but that’s also the somewhat bad thing about Americans — sometimes they’re so patriotic, they’re blind to what is going on around them. Lastly, I am not a sugar-coater at heart. I never was, never have been. I am not sure if you have noticed, but I tend to come right out and say what I think. I don’t think that I quite reach the point of utter bluntness that borders on the way French salesgirls are honest with how something looks on you in the store, but I know I can’t help but tell the truth. It’s what I’ve been told is a good quality in me, but also a very bad one.

Side note: As I am watching American Presidential debates, I am reminded that pregnancy is considered a ‘pre-existing condition’ under their healthcare; pregnant women on maternity leave have to apply for ‘short-term disability’ because they have just given birth.

Yes, it’s just semantics as “short-term disability” may just mean you can’t work for a short period of time, but it’s just insulting to mothers everywhere.

As a result of such semantics, I always get the distinct feeling that it is women’s faults for having been born ..well, as women. It’s my fault I was born a girl, with a pre-existing pregnancy condition and all this other stuff that having different body parts entails.

============================== Moving on! September was a hard month financially. A lot of fees to cancel things like my smartphone, to move back, to exchange currency and so on. Here’s my idea for the rest of 2012.

October 2012 = Going to Hong Kong = $3600

This one is already prepaid for the flights and hotel. I just need to cover the eating, transportation and entertainment.

Photograph I took while on the Hong Kong trams in 2011

In total (flights included) I’m looking at spending about $4500 for this month for my half, which is about $900/week. I’ll post those actual numbers later, but that’s my estimation.

NOVEMBER 2012: Macau for a week, then coming home = $1650

The first week of November will be spent in Macau which will be about $900/week which again, includes the averaged cost of a flight and hotel.

Photograph I took of Macau in 2011

Then I’m in Canada for the rest of the 3 weeks. Assuming $1000 a month as a budget (what? it’s a nice round number), I have $250 a week, or $750 in total. I see it playing out like this for those 3 weeks: I think it’s tight but doable.

DECEMBER 2012: Canada only = $1000

Going to spend this time prepping for my stay in Canada, which includes finding an apartment and getting organized. I will be moving to a new place by January 2013. I will spend about $6000 – $6500 for the rest of 2012, which includes my month overseas. That should bring my net worth to JUST above $200,000, which will mean that I am hitting my goal of staying above $200,000 for 2012, which frankly, was my original goal before I revised it 3 times. If I can live on less, I will. Perhaps no Fun at all. No Miscellaneous! (Yeah right.) The good news is that Canadian winters make me want to hibernate, not go out and shop. I have books and magazines to read, and I have a family piano I can practice on for the rest of the year to brush up on my super rusty piano playing skills.

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