• A Gai Shan Life :: Revanche is a poignant, deep writer. Plus a fabulous shopping enabler on Twitter.
  • The Asian Pear :: Posts on food, money, life and the most hilarious posts about her great parents.
  • Canadian Dream: Free at 45 :: Like Tim’s outlook on life. It’s similar to mine but they’re more frugal.
  • Stacking Pennies :: Excellent insights on life, money and finding that balance.
  • Don’t Quit your Day Job :: Amazing $money calculators e.g. income / by age.
  • Money after Graduation :: Ambitious, smart & money-savvy. What’s not to love?
  • Grumpy Rumblings :: Nicole & Maggie; insightful commenters and writers who say it like it is.
  • Leigh PF :: Another woman investor. Finally. Love her net worth growth & posts.
  • Urban Departures :: An adorable young family with interesting, fresh posts on money and life.
  • Freedom 35 :: Into stocks, investing & debt leveraging. Doesn’t spend much, too $$ focused.
  • Getting a rich life :: Posts infrequently but has interesting insights on money & how it affects life.
  • Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses :: She is as sweet in person as she is on her blog & a smart money chick.
  • Give me back my five bucks :: She has climbed up the money ladder in a short amount of time.
  • Blessed by the Potato :: Excellent writer and his posts are helpful for the conscious investor.
  • Divestor :: Doesn’t post super often but when he does I read it carefully for investing insights.



  • With love from Kat :: Would pretty much wear & buy everything she posts which is kills my wallet.
  • Coline se raconte :: All Francophone (Belgian), and so stylish!
  • Looking Glass by Ty :: Stunning minimalist fashion and photography.
  • See Anna Jane :: Minimalist, but not boring. Love her pairings & how she makes it all work.
  • Feather Factor :: I don’t love everything shewears but I love that it makes me think.
  • Capitol Hill Style :: She posts things she wants to buy, so she is very dangerous for my wallet.
  • The Corporate Catwalk :: Classic outfits with a twist. I greatly covet her Prada satchel.
  • Alterations Needed :: I am not “petite” but her style is masculine meets rocker chic. <3
  • Franish :: Love her classic, feminine style & poignant posts
  • Lovely Pepa :: Her photos look like fashion spreads. Love her stylish classic styles.
  • Grechen’s Closet :: Over 40 and stylish as heck. Also a kindred soul with conscious shopping.
  • Blue Collar, Red Lipstick :: Queen of Thrift; looks like Christina Henderson; writes insightful posts.
  • The Minute Glass :: This lady can work a pencil skirt with a shirt in ways I can only dream of.
  • Travelista :: Want to know how to pack & travel in style? This blog is THE BEST for that.
  • Bedknobs & Baubles :: I like her fun, fresh style which makes me think as it’s not my thing
  • The Sartorialist :: I love these high fashion shots that are of both men and women.
  • Olsens Anonymous :: I take a lot of inspiration from what they wear, surprisingly…
  • Invincible Life :: Xin is a minimalist who is also into style. And personal finance.



  • Much ado about nothing :: Former writer of Single Mom, Rich Mom. She’s my idol.
  • A cup of Jo :: Refreshingly sweet blog about Style, Food, Parenting and general posts on life.
  • Ugly Volvo :: Hilarious parenting, non-parenting blog. Start with this post.
  • Live to list :: A super smart engineer in Australia whom I find I have a lot in common with.
  • One More Knight :: Rare but sarcastic & often SPOT ON posts about work life.