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Ask Sherry: My She Wing / Cloffice (Closet+Office) Dream Home Needs & Hair Loss

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As you are planning your new dream home are there any features you’re hoping for?

Like – – separate office space just for you (will you do a separate one for your partner?) – huge windows – secret passage (!!!!) – a guest room for one day when we travel again? – dishwasher (since you don’t have one now- but it’s a dream house, right?) I love how you’ve already turned your closet into basically a wing of the house lol 🙂

We have so many things we both want!

Here’s a short list (lol):

  • Large kitchen with 2 ovens, lots of pantry space.
  • Floating kitchen island with a farmhouse sink (I want a huge one that I can easily wash large roasting pans in without clanking)
  • Kitchen island should also be a bar counter to eat at, to comfortably sit 4 people
  • Large area for a real dining table with 8 places to sit
  • Open living area with floor to ceiling windows
  • Pantry area with a deep freezer and lots of storage for flour, etc
  • Storage area for the linens, toilet paper, cleaning stuff
  • Two bathrooms both with showers in them, no tubs because two toilets are a necessity
  • 2 bedrooms – 1 master, one regular
  • 1 office – this is my She Wing! It’s a cloffice actually (closet + office) but it can turn into a third bedroom for resale value
  • Mudroom off the garage
  • Front entry way into the garage so that we come in one way, and so do people who visit so we don’t end up with two entryways, two mudrooms, etc
  • 3 car garage to fit 2 cars comfortably + junk
  • Full basement – unused, meant for resale value because people like basements
  • All living area on one floor (yes we have the basement but we won’t likely use it) and I am thinking of being a senior who won’t take stairs
  • As little wasted space as possible, so we are sticking with a rectangular idea to make it space efficient

We are practical so we are thinking of everything we dislike/like in an apartment and home.


As for the dishwasher, that might be something we will add. I am not opposed to having one, it would be handy for bigger dinners where I hate washing 50 dishes over two days. And we need an area for the garbage in the kitchen so our kitchen island needs to handle this.


As for my Cloffice, I have to tell you I had to scale back my plans. I can’t include my little reading nook but I will keep it as a closet and an office.


I am trying to work one in here but he’s giving me the side eye. I might have to create it in my Cloffice.

We have come up with an initial blueprint as well but even this has changed (I am working on the new version)


  • The whole back section you see will all be windows full length top to bottom with 2 doors at the ends leading out to the patio (we wanted two sets of doors in this so that we could open both for air flow
  • There is a bathroom that will also be the laundry area
  • We have a master bedroom and a bath attached, plus a walk-in closet (the small one for normal people, and for my partner in this case because in the new plans, I am adding a third bedroom instead and that’ll be my Cloffice
  • We have the mudroom off the garage
  • Front door is through the garage (see that little door, bottom right), where you walk in through the garage, and then into the mudroom. No separate grand entrances here.

If anyone is interested in more of these plans and seeing what happens, let me know. I can do updates as we change the layout.

(P.S. I use Floor Planner which only allows one level to be built and it is free)

Hi Sherry! Have you ever had problems with hair loss? Do you know anything that could work against that? What would you do if you had visible hair loss? Would you resort to hair transplantation? Thanks.

Listen, you’re talking to my current angst right now.

Every time I brush my hair, I get long pieces coming out, and I know it is because I have long hair to begin with (it’s halfway down my back), so the long strands even though we lose 100 a day, LOOK long and LOOK like a lot, but it still makes me a bit stressed.

After I had my son, my thick hair disappeared (*sob*).. and now I hold my hair and think: wasn’t my ponytail a lot thicker than this.. .years ago? Even before Little Bun?

If you have tried everything like I have from changing your diet, to wearing your hair down more in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck (less pressure/gravity versus putting it up in a ponytail or bun) to pills that help your nails and hair , to hair cleansing systems that claim to do this, you come to two conclusions:

  • Hair transplants
  • Live with it for now

I have opted for Option B because I do not think it is dire, and I constantly ask people to check to see if I have bald spots. If I start seeing bald spots, I will 100% ABSOLUTELY CONSIDER AND PAY FOR HAIR TRANSPLANTS.

Or, failing that, crop my hair very very short.

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  • miriam

    In your floor plan, I see that you have three work places in the living room by the window. Do you still plan to work from the living room together with your family members or in your Cloffice? When one and when the other?

    About the hair loss, I’ve read that hair transplantation involves taking hair follicles from the back of your head and transplanting it on the top or front of it, so I’m not sure this is something so miraculous like I previously thought… 🙁 What do you mean by cropping the hair very very short? (a link to a picture?) Would you consider a wig or hairpiece? That must be rather uncomfortable, but for severe, visible cases what can one do?…

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Goodness no. The floor plan has changed again. I think we finally settled on something, I will post an update 🙂

      As for hair loss — I did not know this was what they did! I haven’t looked into it, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I’m pretty vain. As for cropping my hair short, I was thinking more just to stop the hair from feeling heavy and dragging out perhaps, and it would lessen the hair “loss”, at least in terms of seeing it come out in clumps.

      If it came down to it, I am not sure I would wear a wig or hairpiece. I might end up being a kicky woman who wears head scarves forever…

  • Dublincalling

    Plans sound great. A dishwasher is a must after hosting a dinner party! Also great for resale. For the basement although you will not use it I would suggest to at least finish walls and floors and ceiling including insulation and ceiling lighting so that if ever you wish to use it it will be done and all you will need to do is decorate. Also, if possible add the plumbing necessary for a full bathroom ( ie toilet, sink and shower) even if no fixtures are added at this time. You may wish to have it one day as an inter generational guest suite or LB might wish to hang out there with his friends and at least all those things will have been done.
    As for hair loss I started losing mine in my late forties and a deficiency of B12 was the culprit as well as early menopause☹️ So I suggest some full bloodwork to see if that might be a factor. Stress is also a factor unfortunately….

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Thank you – yes I think I will have to add it to the plans because it makes sense…. and I can throw them down there and lock it to have peace and quiet with teenagers.

    • miriam

      Indeed, I do think early menopause can be another factor (childbirth, too).
      Did you find a solution to the hair loss? Or are you just living with it as is?

  • SSS fan

    As you’re planning your dream home, you may want to read Sarah Susanka’s The Not So Big House. It influenced home design for years. They came out with an anniversary edition a few years ago. She also wrote a few corollary books. The gardening one might interest you.

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