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Ask Sherry: How do I draft my Week of Money Diary Posts?

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How do you draft your weekly money diary posts? Do you keep detailed notes of exactly what you are doing, and when you are doing it, throughout the week, and if so, how?

I draft my Week of Money Diaries by making shorthand notes during the day.

Just little things like: Little Bun Hedgehog, so that when I have time during the week, or when I finally get to do it all on the weekend and just pound out the post, I can type from memory what happened with just some cues.

I generally have a pretty strong memory, and if I can remember what I wore, what “event” happened that day, I can re-create the entire day in my head going through it, and type it all out in one shot.

It usually takes me about 4 hours in total for each Money Diary because the typing is about 2 hours, but the noting of things, and then trying to find the Instagram shots to put in the post, plus reviewing, is the other 2 hours.

What also helps is I Instagram all my outfits pretty much daily. Depending on what I wore, it triggers what I did as well because I remember having that outfit on the whole day.

It is pretty time consuming but I enjoy it, and you all seem to like it, so it’s a win-win for both of us at this point.

I also sometimes make short notes during the day while I am waiting for meetings to start, or waiting for things to happen, or even during lunch.

These short notes are all entered in my ToDo app by Appigo (<3 them), and then I synchronize it to my ToDo desktop and then copy & paste the text into WordPress.

You can use anything though – even email works, I email short notes to myself as well.


Do not buy or upgrade to Appigo To Do. I used to have version 8 and they FORCED ME TO UPDATE to version 10 on their cloud, with ZERO notification, ZERO choice, and I can’t go back to what I had.

WHAT. THE. #%8F..

I am beyond angry and looking for another app.

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