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April 2017 Budget Roundup = $473,591.12 or a decrease of -4.19% or $19,824.21


Money is gushing out of my account and investments like there is no tomorrow…

Just in this month alone, I am out:

  • $10,000 = Taxes
  • $7000 = Helping my aunt (hotels, flights, travel insurance, cash in USD)

..and I am not yet done spending.

Whaddya gonna do?

The plan is to go down around Mother’s Day, and it will give me time to get things done before coming back and start to work in about a week.

INCOME = $1201.59 USD or $1650.89 CAD (give or take)

I budget all of my money using The Budgeting Tool (all net proceeds go to charity).


  • Advertising = $591.65
  • Affiliate = $298.13
  • Products = $311.81

Save. Spend. Splurge. Products sold and counted as net revenue (after fees), include:


It’s clear from my April budget which follows below, that $2000 would be a good amount to cover my daily expenses.

I wouldn’t be able to save any money, pay for vacations, buy anything frivolous or unnecessary (see: makeup & clothing), or pay for emergencies that arise.

But at least my living would be covered!

EXPENSES = $1959.42 — still squeaked in under $2000

I have a separate budget just for the Emergency Situation I am dealing with, and right now it’s about $7000 for everyone’s tickets, etc.

I am not including it in my daily budget because it would just be insanity.

I am loving that I still made it in under $2000. I really tried, even with my eating out and my treats from all the emotional eating I was doing.


What you spend your money on is what you think is the most important things in life. That is SO TRUE.

You can see exactly what I spend my money on these days.

Food, Home, Government and STRESS EATING (Treats)….

NET WORTH = $473,591.12 or a decrease of $19,824.21 or -4.19%

The decrease is obviously from my taxes and from general emergency spending for the upcoming Mother’s Day trip to go help my aunt.


Yeah it looks sad right? Haha! But it isn’t SO bad because I am seeing last year, I was at the same point and then I spent all my savings and gains since then. Huh. 🙂


I reinvest everything so this is moot, really. It’s not cash in my pocket. I am not focused on this at the moment, right now, it is just shoring up my cash reserves again to get back on track.

BABY BUN’S NET WORTH = $17,926.93 or an increase of $762.71 or 4.25%

The markets went up this month and his portfolio did too, which is nice. This kid is going to be richer a good 25 years earlier than I was. O_o

He gets about $200 a month from the government which I plow right into his investments / savings.

This is how I invest his money.

Obviously The Bun is KILLING IT.

It is nice to have income and no expenses* 😉

(*How? The government money we get for him goes to an account for him, investing $2500/year into his education fund, and the rest is in cash in a high-interest savings account. We don’t use the government money, we pay for his expenses directly out of our income.)


I look like this owl.

My brain is FRIED. I am unable to make much conversation these days and am just.. haggard. That’s pretty much the word to describe me these days.

This month is going to be a complete gush of money out of my wallet as I take the trip down there to help my aunt and pay for everything I haven’t yet already — food, transportation, gas, outfitting the apartment.

I am already about $7000 CAD in the hole, but it is just going to get worse, I suspect. The exchange rate is terrible at 1.3 right now so it means it is like a 30% increase on everything I buy.

I have spent the past week not sleeping well and creating an insane plan and schedule to get everything, I mean EVERYTHING done, plus moving her to a new state and paying for it all.

My credit card companies have been calling with fraud alerts but I told them it is all valid.

I’m going to make it through this. I just need to get organized and start ramping up more blog posts for when I am going to be away on this trip & on vacation and starting work.


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