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April 2016: What I bought, watched and read


From my Instagram, these are my 5 favourite outfits lately:


A photo posted by Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge. (@saverspender) on

A photo posted by Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge. (@saverspender) on


I started watching it, and I hate all the catty, annoying yelling and bitching… but I keep watching for the FASHION.

The STYLE but only in later seasons because Aviva & Carole can dress like no one else. Their style is fabulous and I’d love to snag all of their outfits down to every bauble.

And in later seasons, how great it is that women like Heather Thomson of Yummie Tummie are so strong, business-minded and successful.

If any of you are secret RHONY watchers here are my short notes on each one:

  • Luann de Lesseps: France did away with that crap of titled nobles with the Revolution, and there is no real weight beneath this “Countess” title. It’s just posturing. She’s a bit fake.
  • Alex McCord: Creepy. I am sure she is a sweet, kind mother and person but on the show she comes off as creepy. I did like her Feed bag custom bustier that her husband Simon bought for her though. It was awesome.
  • Ramona Singer: Ugh. She reminds me of a dramatic bug-eyed pecking alcoholic chicken.
  • Bethenny Frankel: A little kooky but I appreciate her business sense and drive. Ambition plus looks plus personality & humour?
  • Kelly Bensimon: This woman is nuts. Her fake smile, her fake “Hiiiiiiii”… Bananas.
  • Jill Zarin: Very family-oriented, Bobby was a great husband & she just seemed so genuinely nice, albeit a bit chatty/gossipy but with a dramatic heart.
  • Heather Thomson: A businesswoman powerhouse. I like her attitude & her strong personality. I also like how straight she is with everyone, and she has a clear mind & is organized. She gets it done. She would be my counterpart on this show I think minus the hood talk.
  • Sonja Morgan: A fallen, entitled woman who thinks it’s all about her because she was once a Morgan. She seems sweet & is very funny but can’t hold her liquor & stay elegant.
  • Aviva Drescher: Her style is impeccable. That woman knows how to DRESS. Wow. I have been making a ton of notes each time I watch her on screen because her style is to die for. Her husband Reid is also one of the nicest guys on the show. I also just like her.
  • Carole Radziwill: Another one of my favourites. She is staying out of this cattiness and I love her for it. Also, her style is ridiculously on point. She is SO GOOD at accessorizing, I want everything she owns. All her capes, jewellery, her essence is incredible.



This is exactly how I aim to live — consciously and “voting” with my money. An excellent read for even those of us who are personal finance (PF) veterans. It’s a great book and I highly recommend reading it to right your mindset on how you view money.


An interesting look into Givenchy from the standpoint of Vogue. They always do a great job covering designers.


I absolutely LOVE Joe Zee. I have only seen him on TV very little but from what I have seen and the way he has acted, I knew he was in the same league as Tim Gunn for me (HUGE compliment). Iconic, stylish, super SUPER nice and honest.

Then I find out he is from TORONTO AND I can’t believe it.. or maybe I can. Canadians are famously nice and passive (not sure what went wrong with me..), and it all clicked into place.

LOVE HIS BOOK. All about hard work, great fashion tips, good style advice… what’s not to love? He is also very gracious in not naming nasty people in the book although he alludes to them.

I did a little sleuthing and I think it was Emma Thompson who was the one he referred to in the book for being one of the worst actresses he had ever styled. Of course I have no way to prove this, BUT I THINK it was her. Don’t quote me on that.



What an engrossingly weird book. That’s the only way I can describe it.

I started it not knowing what to expect, and found myself drawn into this world the author has created and I couldn’t leave because I desperately wanted to know three things: WHY, HOW & WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

I guess I can sort of describe it as a very unconventional story about love in all of its forms, from parent to child, friends, acquaintances and between lovers.

I know this is not probably the way most people would describe IQ84 because it is more a work of science fiction but it spoke all about love to me in the end.

I’m still mulling over these abstract concepts and all the symbolism presented in the book which means it was an excellent book because it made me think and it continued to keep me thinking about it long after I have finished it.

I’ll be reading his other novels now. I get why it was so popular.

Note: There’s a little erotic kinkiness in there, so be prepared for some graphic (but short) sex scenes.


A short, easy and fun read all about coffee.

I learned quite a bit about it even though I don’t drink coffee (never ever, don’t even eat it in things like tiramisu or chocolate bars)…

It was interesting. I love reading about food history but if you’re a coffee lover, you might really enjoy it (more than me).


Classic Poe. It’s also Free if you want to download it for $0. 🙂


I really love this book because it is so CANADIAN.

The whole tone, is so very Canadian. I can imagine Joyce speaking those words and explaining the whole situation of how he took Tim Horton’s from one store to being a nationwide, recognized brand and staple in Canada.



I did not read through all of it, I only read one example but I think it is great to have other opinions if you happen to have a child or a family member who has been recently diagnosed as ADHD.

A good read for those, but not for me….


[THRIFTED] JACKIE MEDIUM LEATHER HOBO BAG IN COGNAC SADDLE – $500 with retail at $4300 … Paid 11% of original retail price.


Let me start by saying I normally hate anything Gucci. I do own a vintage Gucci clutch back when they were classy though:

…but in general, I find the brand extremely tacky. Too many logos, the colours all over the place.. ICK. I equate them with Louis Vuitton and that whole general sphere of tackiness.

That is.. until I saw this CLASSIC Jackie Hobo Bag in smooth leather that has NEVER, EVER been worn or used.

Insane right?

Original retail price is around $2990 USD when brand new which is $4300 CAD right now.

I paid 11% of the original retail price for a BRAND NEW BAG.


The clasp is chic and stunning, the quality is just amazing, and the ONLY gripe I have is that it doesn’t have a zippered top, but I am not too worried about it because none of my totes have zippered tops and I do just fine. Love this bag. It also extends as a crossbody.


Sephora’s VIB sale had me venturing out to try these different scents. I like layering them on top of a base of lavender (my favourite scent) and I love citrusy or food-y smells.

I don’t really like chemical-y (non foody or citrusy) smells but I do like a hint of it like Clean Warm Cotton (great to layer over lavender).

These are all the scents so far from these two sample Atelier Cologne gift boxes: Nécessaire Nomade and Nécessaire Citrus.

Psst.. if you buy the perfume box sets now you get 3X the points at Sephora.

  • Orange Sanguine: Smells like fresh sophisticated oranges
  • Cédrat Enivrant: Too strong for me.
  • Bergamote Soleil: Don’t love it.
  • Pomélo Paradis: Smells great, like pomelo. I’d pick this over the Orange one.
  • Vanille Insensée: I LOVE vanilla, so this one is a definite will re-buy again.
  • Mandarine Glaciale: It smells ike oranges but a little more chemical-y.
  • Sud Magnolia: Don’t love it.
  • Figuier Ardent: Don’t love it.
  • Cédre Atlas: Don’t love it.

So far out of the list above, I’d only try and buy the Orange, Pomelo and Vanilla again.

Moving onto natural nail polishes.

I am currently obsessed with finding a nice, natural nailpolish that is neutral, pink, pretty and not full of stuff that is carcinogenic.

When I become obsessed about something, I become OBSESSED!

Surprisingly, no one cares about natural nail polish.. or at least, only a few green bloggers do, but I need to see swatches, know how it holds up, figure out how it looks on my skintone.. YOU KNOW!!!


This brand is not that well known but I found it at my local organic grocery store and decided to give it a shot as they had a ton of colours.


With up to 86% natural ingredients, Boho Green Revolution 7-free and 8-free Nail Polish are so shiny, long lasting and fast drying ! So easy to apply with its flat brush, they are enriched with silicium and UV filters to protect and strengthen weak, brittle and prone to breakage nails. 

They have “7-free” and “8-free” meaning 7 or 8 different ingredients that are harmful to you or the environment that it does NOT contain.

This particular colour 024 Plume is “8-free”.

8 FREE nail colours do not contain these 8 toxic ingredients = NO toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, paraben, xylene, camphor, streaks of colophony.


The above image is a perfect representation of the colour in real life. I tried to take better pictures but they came out darker or lighter.

It’s made in France, it comes with a cute wood cap with a design and is vegan & 86% natural.

What does 86% mean?


Well BOHO Nail Polish is made from natural bio-sourced raw materials including cotton, wool, potatoes, corn, wheat and cassava.


Know that I don’t wear nail polish regularly. I haven’t worn it and I haven’t done my own home manicure or pedicure in years, about 15 years to be exact, give or take.

I usually only wear nail polish if I go to a spa or before a big event if it’s in the summer, if at all. I’m really low maintenance in this area.


It doesn’t stink as much as conventional nail polish. It DID smell a little bit, but then the stench faded after the nails dried.


One coat was more than enough from what I saw, but I wanted to see what two would look like.

It went on nicely, it was opaque enough, it spread beautifully and didn’t leave streaky marks or anything from one coat.

I mean there was a LITTLE bit of my nail showing through but not so much that I would feel the need to do a as second coat.

Once I did the second coat, I realized how much better it looked. I was really covering the nail properly now and the colour is opaque and even with two coats.




As you can see, it doesn’t look like there is a HUGE difference and there really isn’t. I just found with a second coat, I was able to get all the little areas where a tiny bit of the polish looked a little too sheer. With a second coat, it was perfectly opaque and I did not need a third one to even anything out.

I put it on my toes because it would be ruined on my fingers in seconds (I am too fidgety to sit still).

I will remove it when it chips & try the next colour, and so on and so on…


So this is the best known brand for “natural” nail polish. They named all of their nail polishes female names, and I can’t help but think that some of them veer a little bit into the expensive escort range (sorry!!)..

To put it another way, there are no “Jane” or “Mary” nail polishes here, honey.

They have a SERIOUS range of colours and I am totally overwhelmed.

I just want a nude, neutral pink. I am not a fan of wild colours, I have not gone into the berry or raspberry range although I could see one day, painting my nails those colours.

Just not now.

I tried to pick distinctly different shades of pink / nude, and this is what I came up with after hemming and hawing on the site for at least an hour.

(There are a LOT of neutral / pink shades, by the way..)



This one was slightly darker and a little more mauve in its tint. Something in between Madison and the Bo Ho 024 Plume I bought.

It looks just like the Plume but is a little lighter. I am waiting for the toenail polish to wear off before I apply a layer of Avril. Review to come..


After a huge, long deliberation, I really wanted a steamer but I needed one that was not annoyingly hard to store, with a heavy hose, or dangerous around children.

I settled on Jiffy as the brand (all made in the U.S.) and I bought this portable Jiffy plastic e-steamer:


I will try it out and let you all know how it works. I bought it because it is easy to store, carry, and if I need it for any event I can bring it along with me.

I also want to cut down on any dry cleaning, I want to avoid ironing to flatten the fibres on my nice clothes and it is VERY HARD to iron intricate pleats…


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      I am too. I hope it works out well because I’ll recommend it to everyone then. I don’t want it to take up space or hurt Baby Bun by accident..


      I can’t wait to get it. I’ll write about it.

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    Where do you buy your books? Do you just order off amazon?


      Hi Bonnie

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