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Afternoon of Shopping with Sherry: Volume VI

This is a thrifting edition, from the last two trips I made to the store:

And I wore the skirt and sweater like this!

Then in my second shopping trip, this happened:

Pretty great right?

And if I thrift / donate them back, I am not crying about it. I’ll try and sell them first of course, especially the nice pieces, but … *shrug* No skin off my back.


  • Mia

    Sweaters are one of the items thrift stores tend to get in pristine condition at this time of year, as people start doing spring cleaning. Last week I strolled into a thrift here and there was a rack of brand new women’s sweaters from this season with the tags still on–Brooks Brothers, Banana Republic, brands like that. Not bad for between 4 and 10 dollars each. 🙂

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