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A Month’s worth of Style: November 2016

I did something new for November where I put actual pieces from top to bottom in each of my looks. It is a little hard to see each individual outfit, but it does give me a good overview of what I wore.

I even repeated a few Looks a few times because I’m lazy like that.

I use the StyleBook app and you can read my review of the app here and here are all of my Month of Style posts.



The stats on the least worn or cheapest / most expensive cost per wear is useless at this point with only about a month or two of data, so the only one worth looking at is what I wear the most:

So it’s clear that if I only own a few pieces — sunglasses, jeans — and they are wardrobe staples (especially Mommy ones, as I am not working for now), I wear them A LOT.

Take for instance these classic polarized cockpit sunglasses, and my jeans are CLASSICS. I even wrote about these classic pieces here in this Holiday Gift Guide for Timeless Pieces.


These are truly wardrobe basics — ballet flats, boots, classic pieces.


And then you see things that surprised even me, like myDagne Dover 15″ tote being used so often, and my other short boots.



I am so lazy, I wear outfits over and over again, but change the boots or the jacket. I am seeing a lot of the same outfit appear just with different items.


Lazy lazy.


Surprisingly, I used my Dagne Dover 15″ tote a lot more than I thought I would.

It’s hardy, waterproof and yes, it’s heavy, but it is SO ORGANIZED… I can just open it and immediately find whatever it is I am looking for.

That kind of organization, is worth the extra few pounds.

My review is located here, where I compared the Dagne Dover, Lo & Sons, Matt & Nat and LUG totes.


This is only near the end.

When I wear these leather leggings, I always get a little double take from people especially if I am toting along a toddler.

What’s the deal!?

Leather leggings are the same as leggings or yoga pants, just in leather.

I guess they’re ‘sexier’ and a little stranger to see on a mother than some hipster I guess. Anyway, they’re comfy and I love them. I’ll be wearing more of them in December because they’re so great.

I bought mine secondhand, and the label is The Row. I had tried cheap, faux, and also real but cheaper leather leggings all over the place, but had to finally give in and hunt down leather leggings from a luxe brand like J Brand or The Row because the leather is bonded leather, and it acts like a fabric but it is real leather.

The tailor I brought it in to have it taken in the waist, was in disbelief that it was real leather, she was sure it was fake because the fabric was perfectly bonded to the lambskin leather and it was really high quality.

They don’t stretch out, and they don’t sag at the knees either.

Anyway, they’re super comfortable.


This month, it was all about black and camel.

I have no idea why I am so into this combination but it just made me so happy to wear my camel coat with black.

My other favourite combination was navy blue and rose or rose gold.

P.S. I use the StyleBook app and you can read my review of the app here and here are all of my Month of Style posts.

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