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A Month’s worth of Style: January 2017

I use the StyleBook app and you can read my review of the app here and here are all of my Month of Style posts.


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Loved this new watch of mine (exact watch here) because of the graphic but very feminine styling of the watch face. Masculine + Feminine is really my thing, if you’ll note the kind of mannish Pink Tartan charcoal grey wool car coat (sold out, not exact coat, but dead ringer here) and the loafers with a pointed feminine toe (exact here and I am eying the natural shade now).

I was also particularly enamoured with my new coat. It’s as warm as a full down coat (similar shearling coat here), and way cosier / chic-er.. (similar here at a lower price point) I just love the buckles all over the place (something you’ll notice in all my coats, as my black cashmere trench coat has the same detailing).

I paired it nicely with my favourite silk long-sleeved top these days from Grana (review of Grana items here), and my growing collection of DIY necklaces that I do when Baby Bun naps to let my brain unwind.

And of course, my favourite jeans of all time, the high-rise Farrah skinnies in a dark rinse that feel like pyjamas on.

My Smythe reefer coat (old, dead ringer here) is a staple in my wardrobe and breaks my rule of no peaked lapels because it makes my shoulders look bigger, but the coat was just too beautifully made to pass up, it was all just a cover for my (now) well-worn Rag & Bone moto boots (exact boots here). I look down at my feet when I wear them and are extremely happy.

I call it my Retro Look, inspired by two decades, the 20s (exemplified by Phryne Fisher books but more the television show than anything) and the 70s (as shown in American Hustle).

This coat is old, from Ted Baker in a stunning fuchsia colour (I get a ton of compliments). You can get the EXACT Ted Baker shade of this fuchsia coat here, but the style is different… although you could always just buy a coat that already has a luxurious faux fur collar on it like this one to replicate the above look.

The faux fur stole (old, very similar here), and the fun world map necklace (exact necklace here) along with my (yes you guessed it), favourite silk long-sleeved top these days from Grana (review of Grana items here) under a chic wrap tie blazer (sold out, dead ringer here) completes the entire look. I was probably a little overdressed for my playgroup with Baby Bun, but this is how I always roll.

I tried to go a little lighter in this outfit, feeling like I kept wearing so much black and grey it was making me depressed. I started with a cosy striped sweater (exact here), and decided to throw an old tipped linen blazer on top to play with the lines (old from J. Crew, similar here but in the reverse, black blazer with white tips).

The pants were a dark grey rather than a black (exact jeans here) and the bag is an old crossbody in navy leather I bought in Paris (similar-ish bag here) which I DIY’d with a little rose gold paint.

I topped off the whole look with Baby Bun’s favourite Mommy scarf (sort of similar here, Baby Bun would love it), because he loves touching the embroidery and calling it “buttons”…


This month, I was so enamoured with my new coat above that I found excuses to take Baby Bun out on jaunts so I could wear it. As warm as a Canada Goose and way more stylish, I loved cuddling up in it and having it be open with a nice sweater underneath.

I’ve also been pairing a lot of knitted sweaters underneath it, with jeans, for a nice, casual look.

I almost don’t want winter to end too soon so I can keep wearing this coat. Just kidding. Sort of.


I also pulled out my Ted Baker fuchsia wrap coat because the colour just perked me up on those dreary, grey winter days. You have no idea how depressed your clothing and colours are, until you wear a bright colour and feel absolutely fantastic.

I got so many compliments on this fuchsia coat, it was worth every penny especially with the gorgeous rose gold accents on the belt. The only minor gripe I have with the coat is that the edging in rose gold for the belt is so heavy, it clanks against everything if you leave the belt hanging out, so I need to tuck in the belt ends into my pocket when I am wearing it so it doesn’t do that.


I don’t know what happened but I have been wearing a lot of grey this month.

Grey jeans, grey leather jacket, grey blazers. Something about this neutral colour, head to toe, was my jam this month. I need to break out of this grey funk next month and start wearing way more colour.

Maybe I’ll wear head-to-toe red for February or something. I need to break out of this grey funk.

P.S. I use the StyleBook app and you can read my review of the app here and here are all of my Month of Style posts.

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