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5 Ways To Help Your Loved One In Prison

5 Ways To Help Your Loved One In Prison

When you have a loved one in prison, you want to stay in touch with them and try to be an encouragement. There are restrictions on how many things, but there are some things you can do. Consider these suggestions, letter writing, provisional help, visits, telephone calls, and encouraging them to take part in things offered to them that will keep their mind occupied.


Letter Writing

A personally handwritten letter says more about the sender than they may realize. Typing a letter and printing it out works very well also, but a written message is unique. It says that you believe someone is worth the time and trouble, it is a clear separation between a loved one and business, and it all comes from your mind and heart. There is no writing tool for making suggestions and no spell-check. Even your mistakes are uniquely you.


Provisional Help

There are things that your loved one may want that are available to them only if they have money. You can send money to them by using Jpay, Money Gram, or Western Union. These services will allow you to send money to a correctional facility where your loved one is being held. It may not be much at a time, but when you provide things that they wish they had, like maybe deodorant, it is very appreciated.



Visiting may not be an option if the correctional facility is too far away. If they are close, it can be the highlight of an entire month. The facility will have clear instructions for you to follow. Try to be upbeat and fun if you can. The more reasons you can find for smiles and laughter, the more both of you will enjoy your visit. Share stories about people, places, or events that you love and enjoy, your pleasure will be visible and possibly contagious. Allow them to talk as much as they will, but be prepared that they may not seem to have much to say.


Telephone Calls

If telephone calls are going to happen, it will be another expense that you may have to make. Telephone calls can be important for mental health. They make time fly. They can allow relaying messages, and they relieve boredom or loneliness. They are even more valuable when visits cannot happen regularly. A phone call helps your loved one feel a little less isolated and keeps them in touch with what is going on in their family and friend’s lives.


Encouragement To Be Productive

If your loved one has the opportunity to take classes or to get a job, strongly encourage them to take advantage of it. Even if they already have a complete education, classes will help keep their mind busy, their time productive, and present challenges for them to conquer. They may have the opportunity to work. A job provides many of the same benefits as an educational path. Anything that they can find to do that will keep them thinking and feeling accomplished will be helpful to them.


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