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5 Great Things – Vol. 1

I have been playing around with the idea of just highlighting 5 great things a month. Not necessarily clothing, but just purchases I really enjoyed (don’t worry, I will still list out what I bought too…), and to talk about them more in-depth than usual.

Let me know if you like this or not..

I sort of need to shake things up blog-wise, am getting bored with the routine of just writing writing writing… 😉


Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer – $400 new, refurbished around $300

I have been putting off buying a hairdryer for years because every time I used one, I could literally smell my hair burning.

Until recently, I kept hemming and hawing on a purchase but ultimately decided I had to buy one because I would shower too late in the night and hated going to sleep with a head of wet hair, or I would shower just before going to work and it would air dry at work (but feel wet and cold the whole morning).

It wasn’t until I tried a Dyson on in the store that it seemed completely revolutionary.

The weight was not where it would normally be — weighing on my wrist and unevenly weighted. Also the sheer amount of air coming out of it was incredible. I could even set it to a cooler setting to take more time to dry my hair (yes it still gets hot), but it was enough for me to finally decide it was worth plunking down real cash for something worthwhile.

To be clear — I don’t actually plan on using this hair dryer all the time — only for when have to, 20% of the time. The other 80%, I will leave my hair to air dry as usual, which I think contributes to it preserving its health and not being dried out. I am just happy it is better than what was out there before.


Stuart Weitzman Lowland Over-the-Knee Black Suede Boots – $300 (secondhand) / Retails for $800 plus taxes

Over the knee boots for a long time have not been my thing.

Wait. Full disclosure.

I do own ONE pair of OTK boots from Aquatalia (style: Kiara) in a shearling, taupe colour and I love them for winter – they keep my entire leg and knee warm, and with my coat coming down to just my knees, it is a recipe for warmth against the winds.

Love. Them.

But they are in no way considered “sexy” OTK boots, and they add bulk to my legs, to boot!

They’re the only pair I own (how odd for someone who loves multiples of the SAME THING), but I used to conjure up images of Pretty Woman with her OTK boots in that patent leather. It just looks cheap (sorry, in my brain it does).

However, OTK boots have been blowing up on Instagram.

Every time I look at an outfit I like the main ingredient for the footwear (if it isn’t 5″ stilettos) is over-the-knee boots.

I have tried my best to just wear black boots but the look is not the same — not black suede, and not over the knee to look like a half legging. It is surprisingly sexy yet covered up.

And as someone who loves multiples, I have been sorely tempted to get them in ALL THE COLOURS! Especially this shade of Londra (a very pretty dark grey) which I will certainly be picking up. 🙂


Oral-B Professional Glide Deep Clean Floss – $6.99 for a pack of 3

OK. I am not off my rocker. I am really not.

I know it seems very strange to be talking about dental health when you’re primarily a money and style blog, but honestly, this is something worth saying.

I have found the holy grail of floss!!!

This floss, actually stays wrapped around my finger for a good grip when I am trying to wrap the floss around each tooth and to remove the plaque when I am flossing without slipping off and losing the tension.

It is minty, I actually get pleasure out of flossing now because it is not a struggle to floss each time I brush, and I will never go back to cheap floss again. It is worth it not to struggle each time you’re trying to clean your teeth — it means you have more of an incentive to floss and keep your teeth clean and healthy if you aren’t getting frustrated.


There are no grownups – Pamela Druckerman – $10

Of Bringing up Bébé fame which every parent may have already read on the planet and then tossed aside in frustration.

I didn’t agree 100% with all of her points about raising French-cultured children (her husband is English, she is American, their whole family is raised in France and have all the cultural-isms of Francophones there)… but I do love her writing.

I very much enjoyed her middle-age coming of age memoir. It was honest, raw, funny, and very ….. helpful in a way.

It made me think more about taking even MORE care of my skin in my 30s so that when I am older, I age gracefully without any surgery.

it also made me think of all the f*cked up reasons women have to think about looking younger while men can just let themselves go and still be considered attractive (even more so as they age, presumably as they have more assets accumulated as they age). It’s a bunch of double standard BS, and yet I am part of this vanity culture….

I liked thinking about my own future through her eyes if that makes sense. I don’t think I’ll engage in a ménage à trois as a birthday gift to my partner (he’d never even ask, I think he would not really see the point of extra work LOL), but I liked hearing about her going from her 20s to 30s to 40s….


Cardi B – I like it like that – $1.29

I have been playing this song on serious repeat.

I just love the way she raps, the hook “I like it like that”… it has a good, lively beat and out of her album, it is the only song I like and listen to on repeat.

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  1. SarahN

    Aha! You’re the one who suggested Druckerman – I’m reading her book now, the one you recommend here!

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      It is such a good read. She made me amp up my skincare routine…

  2. Dieu Nguyen

    Hey Sherry,

    I’m totally on the same boat as you about the oral b floss. There is a very noticeable difference between cheap floss and the Oral b ones. I buy mine in a 4 pack at Costco although they’re not exactly the same as the ones you’ve mentioned above.

    I recently found an even better way to clean under the gums. I bought myself a waterpik! It didn’t take long to learn how to use and it is advertised to clean better than flossing! My boyfriend and I love it. Of course I revert to flossing when I’m traveling because it’s too much of a hassle to carry the waterpik around unless you buy the one specifically for traveling.

    I implore you to look into the waterpik. I tell everyone about it!!

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Sooo.. I hate to burst your bubble but dental hygienists say that waterpiks are not a substitute for flossing — getting around the tooth into the gums.. it is a nice extra complement but…

      I also use interdental brushes. THAT really gets the stuff stuck in my teeth out — you never realize how much is there until you use a brush…


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