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5 Closet Staples I would buy over and over again – Vol. 1

What would I rate 5/5?

These are the things I’d rate 5/5 and would highly HIGHLY recommend from the bottom of my heart.

I am pretty picky about fit, fabric and material (these days.. I wasn’t so much this way when I was younger, stupidly enough), and these are the items that have stood the test of time:

Sofft Rio Sandals – $70

These Sofft Rio sandals are freaking 5/5. I mean, I wear them to death.

How do I sing its praises?

The leather is so incredibly comfortable and soft.

The low wedge heel is very comfortable (not too flat so you don’t feel stomp-y), the front cage part is perfect because it holds the sandal perfectly and soft against your foot so when you walk it doesn’t flop everywhere.

It is comfortable from the minute you put it on, to the end of your 8 hour day.

The zip at the back is so convenient (I get annoyed AF with buckles because I never remember which hole I am used to sliding the sandals in to secure), I find it much easier to slide on the sandals, zip and go.

They are chic, they are comfortable and when mine die, I am buying another pair ASAP.

Frye Melanie Slip on Flats – $160

I raved about these flats before, but I will sing the praises of the Frye Melanie slip on flats again..

These flats are GREAT. They are comfortable from initial wearing, they last over 8 hours, I will wear them until they die. They are just so comfortable and a high enough vamp to cover my foot so that it doesn’t dig into my foot or hurt at all.

I really really love them. Plus they are in leather and look extra chic even while being casual.

Rag & Bone Margot Bootie – $495

I love this bootie. I mean, LOVE this Rag and Bone Margot Bootie. I know the heel looks high, but it is actually not that bad because it is a stacked, chunky heel that is super comfy, and very wearable.

I actually wear these boots to death to work. I work in business casual environments and when I want heels but I don’t want to wear my Manolo Blahniks, this is what I pull out to add to ANY outfit (except maybe a suit.. I haven’t tried yet.)

They are comfortable, they are rockin’ and perfect for work and for play.

J. Crew Parke Blazer – $198

This J. Crew Parke Blazer receives my highest praise because it is just such a GOOD cut. The slim lapels in front, the comfortable weave that is stretchy yet structured.

I mean.. YES. This is a great blazer. Buy it for a classic piece if you are looking for one. I bought one to replace my super old pill-y blazer, and this I am sure will last for years to come.

AG Farrah High Rise Jeans – $75 – $200

These. AG Farrah Jeans. Are. The. Bomb.

The jeans are super soft, they are high-waisted which eliminates muffin top for me, and a nice thick fabric.

I live in them. I wear them so often, it is crazy, they look great with everything, and are the perfect dark rinse denim jean.

I highly recommend them if you are looking for a forever pair. I have worn them for years, and washed them over and over again, and they have never faded, pilled, or looked bad. They look better, actually.

MM Lafleur Items

This entire brand is pretty much amazing. They are pricey though I won’t lie, but every item I have tried on has been impeccably made. Just look at this outfit above. The green, the blue drape of the skirt.. and they are COMFORTABLE ITEMS.

I mean, literally, amazingly comfortable items that you put on, feel f@cking fabulous and like a boss in them when you walk around.

It depends on what you like, but I have done extensive MM Lafleur reviews here.

The skirt above is their Minetta Skirt (I own it in about 3 colours), and the top is their Beverly Top.


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