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End of 2017: What I bought – The Tops Edition


Note: Most of the reviews on a lot of what I have purchased can be found under this tag: Style Shopper because it would have been helpful for me to read these reviews online and I am trying to pass on the online shopping <3

And uhh.. this is just for November & December 2017.

This is NOT my Year End Post. That is .. coming later.

Grana Teal Pima Cotton Tank

I love Grana products. Reasonably priced and pretty.

They just need to start getting their style together and work on better cuts and fashionable pieces, stronger, jewel toned colours and I’d be buying from there constantly.

Love this cotton tank.. I have a full review (Style Shopper ) coming up with sizing and all soon.

Grana Striped Silk Tank

Love this modern tank… Review on Style Shopper soonish!

Grana Silk Navy Vest Blazer

Gorgeous blazer vest. Review coming up, watch out for it on Style Shopper..

J. Crew Graphic Cheers Tee


Saw this, loved the “Hellos” and knew I had to have it as a safe graphic tee to wear even to work (I don’t like the ones of “Love” or anything too sexual… I don’t want comments at work.)

This is super soft, I bought a Small (S) and it fits well. Could even go smaller to XS.

Weston Wear Sapphire Meadow Top


I love the graphic print of this watercolour-inspired, printed top from Anthropologie and I want to wear it under a blazer, or tucked into pencil skirts..

J. Crew Merino Tippi Sweater in Deep Dark Purple


I love the dark purples of this sweater, and it is close to cobalt without being cobalt because it is right in my colour palette alley (3/4 sleeves), soft, comfortable.

Took an “S” and it is fine.

All the Destination tees are pretty much sold out, but California is still available..

J. Crew Destination New York Tee


I bought this for Little Bun. Seriously. He loves pictures on shirts and the MINUTE he saw it, he wanted to use it as a “carpet” (LOL) and laid it out on the bed to point out things to me. He especially loves the subway train.

I took the medium and it is huge. I should go for an XS or S.. I plan on using it for bed too so that Little Bun can have something to look at.

J. Crew Destination London Tee


Also for Little Bun. He likes the red bus.

…and also this Paris one, of course. ALL THREE. I need to collect them ALL.

J. Crew Destination Tee (Paris)


Banana Republic Cobalt Blue Plaid with Ruffle Wrist Shirt [ 50% off ]

This Banana Republic plaid in cobalt blue is a GORGEOUS cobalt blue. I wore it to work a few times and kept getting petted by other women. LOL… flannel, plaid, stylish… all perfect.

The Row Cashmere and Silk Ivory Top


Secondhand, cashmere and silk. Stunning, comfortable, and I took a Medium but I’m really a Small. I just wear it as an oversized item.

Similar The Row cashmere & silk item here.

Joie Caviar “Rain” Black Leather Tank Top


Almost exact leather tank here secondhand.

All Saints Nebula Tank


Who doesn’t love a gorgeous print in your favourite colours? 😛

Rag & Bone Purple with Navy Blue Leather Insets Tank


Or a very cool side leather inset tank with your favourite purple in front!?


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  1. Sandy

    I’m so nosy I can’t stand it but I would love to see the inside of your closet LOL Maybe one week you could do a series showing how you organize your stuff (shoes, belts, undies, dresses, tops, etc etc) because that is my current obsession. I’m trying to organize my clothes and shoes so that I can see EXACTLY what I have because I shop way too much right now. I have a friend who keeps a binder in her closet with every outfit pieced together by number …. it’s awesome and she reckons it saves her $$ I will never be THAT organized!

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Okay so I don’t do outfit binders but I do track my clothing closet in a StyleBook app (Search on my site for StyleBook)… and from there I can check what I already own when I’m in a store .. 🙂 as for outfits, I change them all the time, tweaking a bag here and there or shoes.. nothing ever stays the same

    2. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I will do a closet post .. due for a new one anyway

  2. Anda

    Yay. Your tee with words also has Latvian “priekā!” Don’t see that very often.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      !!! I feel so good knowing what it is now.


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