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2016 Year in Review: What I bought – The Footwear Edition


Footwear is not my thing but I still added 12 pairs to my wardrobe this year! One a month. A few were just out of luck that I have been stalking eBay listings for them, and the others were whims.

I mostly added shoes, and only one pair of boots. I upped my sandal game, and tried to experiment a little with some trends, and found some additional Manolo Blahnik thrifted heels I had been stalking on eBay for work.

They’re my Holy Grail of work heels and are no longer produced so I had to buy them.



I wanted a neutral flat to replace my beloved, trashed Banana Republic cognac Ashley flats which I wore to death, seen here when I first got them majorly discounted under $40 if I recall:

Worn here:

And after 3 years, it gave up the ghost and I finally retired them:

Enter these Ria Flats:

Similar here … but the colour of the Ria flat I bought is kind of a strange pale pink for me.

Unfortunately this Vince Camuto pair came with a charm on the bow which I snapped off seen here, and then after just a few wears, 7 months later, it started to look terrible. All worn down and grubby. What a let down for shoes, even ones only for $60 on sale. That’s expensive for how crappy they are,

I’m wearing them until they die, and using them to go to parks or get the mail, or go thrifting but I’m never buying them or this brand, EVER again. Vince Camuto is a cheap, crappy brand, and I’d rather buy Banana Republic.

Granted, they are very padded and comfortable but I am finding that I don’t like that as much as a well made flat that is sturdier, flat soled and more supportive than a padded insole.

I much prefer my M. Gemi Bolla flats, which are my nicer ones for less grubby adventures.

Exact here and THEY ARE AMAZING! I love all the colours, particularly the rose gold.

Worn here, looking as good as the day I bought them:

And here when I TOTALLY LUSTED after this Sentaler coat. It’s on my list to buy next year if I can find it on a significant sale, in grey and as a long wrap:


Similar here, here and here I think. I can’t tell. I just know that mine are bendy.

Thrifted for $5, I am surprised at how great they are. I always wanted to try a pair but didn’t want to pay for them without knowing and I REALLY like this style.

They were only in a 6.5 which meant they were a bit tight but still wearable so I would need a 7 if I bought them new but I am so pleased I found them.

I love them and once they die, I’ll find this exact model at retail, with no style name, just “Ballet Flat”. Ugh.

I wore them a lot this summer:


Exact here, here and here but I am not really loving her brand.

I bought these at Winners about the time I stopped working and it was longgggg before the U.S. election.

Anyway I wanted a cheap-ish way to get in on this lace up trend and they were pretty neutrals. I don’t hate them but I don’t love them. Lace up flats don’t seem to be my thing, or I am doing this wrong. Barely wore them.

Considering getting rid of them or doing a little DIY with some rose gold to change their colour or make a print of it into something more appealing, footwear-wise. We shall see. It’s on the list for this year to wear them and/or DIY them or get rid of them.


Exact here, and they are seriously comfy.

I call them Jesus sandals because that’s what they look like, flat, super strappy sandals.

They’re quite comfortable for flats, with a nice rubberized flexible sole, and were used often during the summer. I rather liked them!

I really like the look too and they’re a nice casual flat.


Similar here and here but nothing comes close to these because they must be super old.

Got these for $2 thrifted, and I really saw the quality in them immediately, the perforated tan leather design, the rubber on the heels, all before knowing the brand Schutz, which apparently is quite a decent one, as these went for $300 originally.

Then I tried to wear it one day and realized why it ended up in the bin, the sling on the slingbacks doesn’t stay on your foot! How annoying.

I really love the look though, so I am taking it into a cobbler to see what they could do, perhaps add a leather strap, or make it tighter? We shall see.

For now, I am keeping them and will take them in at the end of the winter season to clean my Australian Made UGGS (I do this yearly), and to put some Vibram soles on my recent thrifted footwear, and general maintenance on my things.

Love the look of them though.


Similar here and here but it is so sad they no longer make this style any more because it’s not fashionable. The closest is the BB 90mm Pump.

These are my holy grail style of Manolo Blahnik heels. You have no idea how often I have stalked eBay, every thrift site and shop, and gone to Manolo Blahnik places in person to see if they carried this SPECIFIC style called the Tuccio. It is no longer produced in North America (for quite some years now), and existed in Europe more often than here, but the new style is to have a very low cut vamp in front (the toe part, to show a lot of ‘toe cleavage’… WTF), which doesn’t stay on my foot and slides off easily.

Anyway, the style is Tuccio, and I also needed the heel to be 3.25” or 3.5” maximum because all of my trousers are tailored to this height for work to show only 1” of heel when worn, and I HATE having to guess or note which pairs of pants are for which heights of heels.

I stalked and stalked until I found this exact style, I saw it matched my beloved pair of thrifted Manolos ($60 in Florida a long time ago before Baby Bun!), and in the right height at 3.25” which is my optimum heel height.

Found both pairs, bought them both immediately.

Don’t have pictures of these pairs specifically (meant for work) but it’s exactly this pair just in those colours above:


Similar here and here and I like a good criss-cross strappy sandal to hold onto my foot firmly.

Found at Winners, these are the highest heeled sandals I own with super straps, which are very soft and don’t cut into my foot, plus it holds the sandal on TIGHT to my feet so I feel confident in striding / walking without fear.

Saw them at Winners, and they were an instant winner, having been discounted as well. They are really great, but too high to wear to the park, so I have been keeping them for work in the summer to wear with dresses or jeans on Fridays (my workplaces are slightly casual).

Worn here:

And here with my lovely The Row (thrifted) shirtdress:


Similar here and here and are stunners!

Saw them in Winners, and I rather liked the 70s look of them that would go well with my wide-legged bootcut Level 99 Chloe Jeans I got for $30, so I picked them up. They’re very comfortable, the straps are nice and smooth in leather, and I have worn them a few times out with Baby Bun, but then Autumn hit.

Here they are in action:


Similar here but this is a very very old style.

Another thrift score on eBay, and for something like $30?

I bought these for that wedding, and they are really quite comfortable, obviously well-worn, but still in good condition.


Exact here and they come out EVERY YEAR with new reiterations.

My beloved boots!! I LOVE BOOTS if you can’t tell, and I have been hunting a pair of perfect black moto boots for a while. I was eying, and eying and eying this pair, comparing them to every brand available on the market, but ultimately these were the ones I wanted.

Found them in my size, after missing out on 5 listings (why do they end at midnight? I am freaking IN BED BY THEN and cannot snipe the listing!!!).

Anyway, I took a size up (8) and they fit perfectly with my beloved Birkenstock flat cushioned insole inside to give it some comfort.

They look amazing. Just as I pictured, and expected, and they were less than half the price at retail in very good condition.

Worn IMMEDIATELY here the day I got them, and they are as fabulous as I imagined:


Exact here, and they are well worth the money I promise. So warm and comfy.

I loved my Australian Made UGG boots so much (they are actually made IN Australia, not like the American brand UGG that is a fakery), and the quality is so high, I had to buy these for home use to keep my feet warm and snug.

They look good, are super soft and comfortable and are worth every penny. I really like this company.


Thrifted: 6 pairs

Retailed: 6 pairs


A toss up as usual. Are you surprised?

I have been just dying to find another pair of this exact Manolo Blahnik style that is no longer made (it’s considered passé to hide your toe cleavage and all the new models cut very low on the toes & don’t stay on my feet), so when I found TWO PAIRS of Tuccio heels, I jumped on them.

They only make them with a block heel now, and lower than I like.

My second absolute favourite pair was finally pulling the trigger on those gorgeous Rag and Bone moto boots that I have been eying for so long now. You might as well buy what you want, or else you’ll feel cheated, amirite?

I also got these thrifted on eBay, for less than half the price which is killer.


I was all over the place, mostly shopping at Winners at the start of the year, which is where I got suckered into buying more sandals in general, but later on in the year, I stopped and only tried to find what I really wanted on eBay (moto boots, heels), and stopped buying retail except for my sheepskin slippers to wear at home during winter.

Want to know what else I bought?

(So much.)

Stay tuned for the rest of my 2016 Year-end What I bought roundups. I am doing each category.

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