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2015 Final Year End Budget Roundup = Increase of + 255,778.79 or + 86.91%



As you all know, I use my beloved The Budgeting Tool to track all of this, I have been using it since 2006 & all the net proceeds go to charity.

You can read more about it here.


I have been doing this since about 2006 (when I was $60,000 of debt from student loans), and it has helped me clear that debt in 18 months.

Now, it’s my wealth builder.


I created The Investing Tool to track all of this.

I have laid out my entire (general) investing plan for myself and Little Bun here with exact funds to buy and in what amounts for both Canadians and Americans (YES I WROTE TWO VERSIONS. I AM INSANE) —– Like a Boss Investing: How I spend only 4 hours a year on my investments.

You can make any image below larger by clicking on it.


2015 TOTAL INCOME = $285,858.10

This is my best year freelancing to date. I’d like to preface this with saying that this is highly unusual.

I NEVER work the whole year, so I am happy I got the chance to do so.



As you can see, I worked the entire year and leaped from around $300,000 to $550,000 in my net worth.

My best months were October and November. I worked so much overtime I took the half of December off to recuperate.

2015 EXPENSES = $58,819.60



And.. THIS is why I track my spending. I can see how I started lifestyle inflation starting around 2011 and how only in 2013 it dipped back down but then I went nuts spending this year again.



Only 2012 was comparable (I traveled around the world and didn’t make a dime)…

How did I ever spend so little in 2009 and 2010. This is so puzzling. LOL.



I am determined to make Wardrobe drop off that list for 2016.

2015 DIVIDEND EARNINGS = $6272.72


This is not included as part of my income above because it is all re-invested back into buying more stock.

Last year, I made $6368.08 in dividends and this year was just about the same.

I’ve sold off some dividend-producing assets, so that’s partly why I am making slightly less.


I keep 99% my investments in my registered retirement accounts (RRSP and TFSA), as well as outside of those accounts (regular investing) at Questrade.

Use my Questrade referral ID: o0soehds and get $50 CAD in free trades

..and this is how it currently breaks down by percentages and by currency in some cases. (I wrote a whole post).

2015 END OF YEAR NET WORTH = $550,082.88


Ended with half a million.

A little over half actually.

December being my worst month and all for net worth increases….


2015 START: $294,304.09

2015 END: $550,082.88

INCREASE OF: + $249,502.20 or + 84.77%

Just about a quarter of a million had it not been for the markets TANKING in December.

Damn it, December!


I consider this a success and like $250,000 even has been reached. Frankly if I had known I would be $500 off, I would have adjusted my spending a little just to hit it, but I could not have predicted the markets.

Good enough!


My journey from – $60,000 in debt where I am now is in no small part due to the fact that I budget and track my expenses.


BABY BUN NET WORTH: $10,758.45

Baby Bun KILLED IT. He was right up there with me in net worth percentage increases.

2015 START: $6154.12*

2015 END: $10,758.45

INCREASE OF: + $4604.33 or + 74.8%

*This was the beginning balance of January 2015, or the ending balance of December 2014, if you want to look at it another way.


Read about what a PF score is here.


I daresay I’m doing much better right!?

I guess it helps if I work and make money to outpace my spending…


What the #winter #outside looks like .. Still #festive and #merry in #yul #montreal

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  1. Saw Baby Bun change into this tiny little human with a will and personality of his own
  2. Turned flexitarian. I eat & enjoy more vegetarian / vegan meals these days.
  3. Most unusual year of income ever; have never, ever worked a full year since… oh 2007?
  4. Discovered matcha green tea. OMG.
  5. Started enjoying the act of at least writing a holiday card and wrapping gifts where cash was inappropriate

Gotta have my #morning #matcha green tea latte!!! Made with Ceremonial Matcha from @davidstea of course.

A photo posted by Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge. (@saverspender) on


Looking back on 2015, it was really an exceptional year. I mean, this is probably the first time ever that I have worked an entire year non-stop on a contract.

Check out my 2016 budget: Realistic but Challenging For Me….


Read all about it here: 2016 proposed budget that is realistic but challenging-for-me.

Work-Life Balance is not a Myth for me

I’m pretty happy and lucky to have done it, and I am even happier that I have not given up my zeal and zest to find that work-life balance we all keep hearing about.

My work-life balance is to work as little as possible (35 hours a week) and to have life be the priority (very easy to do when you have only worked about 50% of your entire career years).

2016 will be a good time to take a break and relax

I like taking breaks in between and 2016 will be a welcome break from working.

Yes, the income is great.

Yes, I am going to miss making all that money..

… but no I am going to damn well enjoy my time off before I start my next contract because like a lion after eating half a gazelle, I am satiated money-wise and can go for a while longer without dipping back into any kind of financial panic mode where I see my net worth decline and head straight for the bottom.

Spending did get out of control, but…

..I may have found my motivation to not spend money.

I am not doing any of this shopping + money + minimalism challenge as a way to punish myself or feel like I don’t deserve things.

I can well afford whatever I want to buy. I don’t need all that money as I am still young and can recoup my savings, not to mention already being way ahead of the game when comparing my net worth to most Millennials my age.

I am doing this because I seem to really suck at not shopping and it is annoying me that I am failing at something that I was SO GOOD AT before when I was younger and broke.

It’s like the more money I make, the more I spend.


I know it’s called lifestyle inflation but I’d like to think I’m hardworking and made of tougher stuff.

…so if that’s the case, then why can’t I rein my shopping in?

It is bothering me greatly.

#LUXEMINIMALISM will be my hash tag and mantra for 2016

I will really dig deep and focus on why I think I need to buy something, the root cause or trigger of the desire to spend my money, and to re-evaluate my wardrobe while doing so to see if I am not just buying yet another VERY SIMILAR duplicate to what I already own.

I know I have more than enough variety in my wardrobe to go a good stylish year without ever repeating a single outfit with all the combinations I can come up with.

..and isn’t that enough, if I think about it?

Another push for me to get down to the root cause of why I buy what I buy, is that I won’t have any income coming in, and it might be nice to create a sort of mini financial challenge for myself to conserve as much outflow (cash spend) as possible while the cash tap is turned off(no income).

I’ll have plenty of time to peruse my wardrobe, weed out items that no longer fit or look good on me, send stuff off to be consigned to turn what I have in my closet into liquid assets and maybe make a game out of seeing how much money I can save by not spending, consigning my unworn, unloved items and what the balance will be at the end of 2016.

Besides, I’m traveling for a month next year. That ain’t free and I MAY be giving up $20,000 in earned income to do it.

Let’s not go crazy here.

I’m totally doing this Luxe Minimalism Challenge.

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  1. Kandice

    Great job on the podcast, by the way. I’m totally with you, especially on negotiating salary. You should link up the podcast somewhere on the blog – maybe in its own post? Anyway, enjoy your down time!

  2. Irene

    I love your idea of luxe minimalism! Why not have the best possible items if you’re not going to have many.

    I also love cleaning out my closet so much and selling anything that I don’t wear anymore… And then I usually make 1 or 2 big purchases with the money I get from selling stuff. It kind of feels like it’s free, when ofcourse it isn’t.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      That’s the move I am trying to go towards. Also, the less I buy, the less waste, the less I spend on shipping and currency exchanges.. I have to start thinking about indirect costs.


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